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One of my friends has a group (kind of like a club, basically) on a website, which she runs along with her sister. They want me to make graphics for the group, but I would have to make three "samples" every month. I like making graphics, but I don't have that much free time...But I don't want to make them upset by refusing because my schedule isn't free enough. So I don't know whether I should go for it, or just sacrifice some of what is important to me to do this. :(

Anyhow, I only wrote part of this last night, even though I was planning to write all of it. This is because I kicked something (one of the cords, maybe?) under the computer and then it all restarted! I was so mad because I lost all of what I wrote and I can't remember it...I should've saved a draft before I kicked it. Oh well.

Even though Wednesday is late start day, I still kept waking up on and off during the night...And then eventually it was 8:00 am and I couldn't sleep anymore. This just stinks...Well, at least I get some time in the morning to read manga online. I couldn't find it in the library, which is really frustrating. (It's much more convenient to carry a book around than a laptop around... And then you would need Internet access 24/7!)

Eating cheesecake for breakfast is nice, except the raspberry cheesecake is starting to taste odd. Then I drank some milk, which tastes really nasty with cheesecake! Don't try it unless you like weird flavors!

That kind of brings back a childhood memory... When I was younger, I didn't like going to restaurants, since I didn't like to eat back then, so I just made some concoctions. You know how you usually get a water glass at a restaurant? I would put all sorts of things. Sugar packets, vegetables, rice, and so on. I tried to get my parents to drink it, but they refused.

It's been raining a bit recently, so we end up watching a sports movie in the gym rather than doing a lot of exercise in PE. I don't really mind the movie except for the fact they always have to play things in slow motion a few times! And the volume was way too loud because I was sitting close to the TV. I think I've gotten deaf from it, so I just try to cover my ears to lessen the sound.

My mom found a big teddy bear stashed away somewhere. On the tag, it said it was a Little Brown Bear and the profits were being donated to some non-profit organization. Apparently it was from Bloomingdales so my parents suspect it costs a lot. My mom also found a Yves Saint Laurent bag someone gave her. She was planning to give it away because she didn't use it, but then she looked at some YSL stuff on the Internet and noticed it was really expensive! The bag was probably worth at least a couple hundred bucks! That was a disturbing find.

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