By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, December 13, 2008 @ 10:31 AM

Usually I write my blog posts in the evenings, but seeing as it is the weekend, it is okay for me to write it in the morning. This way, I won't forget what I was going to say during the day, and then hopefully once people get on the Internet they will already have a new post to read. :o

On my Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, I added a new person to one of my towns. I decided to play as a boy since I already have two girl characters on the Gamecube... I named the little guy "Radcliff". I was going to add an e to the name for flair, but it seems there is a limit to how many letters you can use in a name...Hmph! Anyhow, Radcliff looks kind of odd, because he wears a strange hat that has horns. I wonder where his ears went...Don't tell me those horns are his ears?!

This morning, I made my own breakfast before starting to play video games. Eggs in a Nest is the only thing I can remember how to make (besides Orange Julius smoothie of course) so that's probably the only thing I can cook. Unfortunately it seems the bread got cooked more than the egg part did and the yolk was undercooked. But it still tastes decent and my mom says it's not dangerous to eat undercooked eggs. So I guess I am safe...for now.

My grandma and mom are around, as usual, but my dad was gone. I kept wondering where he had gotten off to. I was shocked to hear that he actually went to an ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC! Those places freak me out because these old man doctors will stick needles into your skin and say it's good for your health. (I heard this couple that couldn't have a kid managed to get a kid after doing lots of acupuncture, but still...)

Gran will be going on a flight back to China later today. I was debating whether to go send her off at the airport and wave at her while she disappears into the abyss. Then I decided not to. If I do go with her she will think I love her a whole lot more than I actually do (especially since last night, when the guests came. The older guest asked me if I thought of my grandma when she isn't around. I said yes, but the truth is I try not to think of my relatives because I have disturbing memories of them. But I have to say something nice otherwise people will think "What kind of kid do they have?!") and she'll get a swelled head and brag to her friends and family and then I'll be expected to be so great all the time. D: And since the San Francisco Airport isn't exactly "close by", I will surely get carsick and bored and then I won't have any appetite.

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