By ◆ Juppie on Friday, December 12, 2008 @ 8:36 PM

For me, writing a blog posts takes a lot of my precious time, and since I don't usually have much time to spend on the computer, it really isn't on my list of priorities. So if you rely on this blog for entertainment, sorry (I am sort of speaking to a certain person who is very impatient about it XD Whoever it is knows what I'm talking about).

My grandma will be leaving to go back to China tomorrow. So I'm being bothered a lot. Not only did I find a message on my cell phone from my grandma's friend but when I was walking home, another old lady stopped me and asked me when my grandma is going home. I told Gran when I got home, and then Gran says that lady had asked that question multiple times already. Apparently this person has amnesia or something.

And then there are two guests at our house, plus a little child. Apparently these are my grandma's neighbors from China. I wonder how come they are in the same place even in the big, wide US. Anyhow, one of these guests had the baby not too long ago, I think. When they came in, the baby had its eyes closed. Despite how much the others seemed to like the baby, I didn't really...I guess I will never learn to love small children. Now Gran is taking pictures of the people and the child. The baby is making strangled whining noises. I bet she (I think it's a she from the pink blankets) wants to rest or something.

I'm currently watching an anime called Yume Tsukai. It is kind of odd. I mean, it's not too bad but some things make me go "Uhh..." Like how the dream cyclone machine works. *shudder* And how Rinko (the little girl) kind of appears to be cross-eyed.

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