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Okay, so this afternoon, my mom picks me up in her car, because her group at her company was celebrating the completion of a project. My mom decided to work from home (she has a computer at home that she uses for work purposes) since the place they went to is closer to our house than her office. She and her colleagues were playing a game where you throw, I mean, "Bowl", a ball. You try to get your ball near another, white ball. You have an opponent who tries to get their ball nearer to the white ball than you. (Your opponent can knock your ball aside, if they wish to.) Anyhow, my mom says she was a fair hand at it, but she also says it's based on luck. (My dad says my mom's company must have money and time to waste if they are playing games.)

Anyhow, I get home and try to ask my mom questions, but she gets mad and tells me she has to work. So I go do my homework. I'm kind of bored of doing math, so I decided to take out my portable DVD player and watch some anime. Unfortunately, my grandma, and later my mom, come to lecture me about it. My mom thinks that's why I blanked out on my math quiz recently. (I don't think so, because this is the first time in a very long time that I was multitasking on homework. But she doesn't believe me, since she thinks I'm making excuses all the time.) So in the evening, she decides I don't understand my math well enough, and I end up spending an hour or more working on problems that make my head hurt. (I wanted to do them on Tuesday, but I don't have a choice in the matter, so I have to take it in stride. Apparently, crying, or debating, makes no difference at all.)

Still, I am death sentenced to doing this, and I guess even if I have free time, it will soon be swallowed up by doing math problems each evening. So I am sorry if I do not get in blog posts much nowadays. D:

Oh, by the way, it was supposed to be Teacher's Appreciation Week this week, so the PTA (My dad is on it now) donated cookies to the teachers. My dad is pleased because they say his cookies are good, even though he has no knowledge of baking and just stuck frozen cookie batter into the oven... And even if the teachers got some good cookies, apparently no students have given any gifts for TAW yet. So I feel weird giving a gift unless other kids do it, since I hate to be "noticed".

Something bad was going on recently with the 7th graders in our village. Apparently, some kids were writing in a "burn book", which was a book filled with hateful, nasty comments about other people. (I hear the people targeted in the burn book were perfectly good, nice people. That's wrong.) I didn't even hear about this until my teachers told me. My language arts teacher was especially disappointed in us. She told us it was ruining our reputation as a village, and how she thought we were really nice kids up until now. One of the people sitting near me knew about this "burn book" and the people involved in it. I was surprised to hear the names of a few people I knew. (And, I hope I wasn't written about in that book!)

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