By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, December 7, 2008 @ 1:26 PM

I keep wondering if I've inherited it. (Seeing as I am more like my dad than my mom...) I accidentally dropped some of the salmon from my lunch on the ground. I didn't want to eat it, so my dad suggested we feed it to the fish. That would be cannibalism, technically, and my mom looked shocked (despite not liking animals much, I don't think she'd want to have any murders happening in our house). Not only that, but my dad tends to burst into song or say a cheesy phrase a lot. Even I'm doing it now. (My dad only knows older songs - he even said "I can't hold a conversation with young people anymore!" - so I just learn old-timer songs from him. My mom says it's because he's an old man, anyhow.) And I am a pretty creepy person myself, seeing as I think babies are ugly and think criminals should all be killed.

We're going to buy giftcards for my teachers today, plus maybe a Christmas tree if we can find one we like. I won't be around for Christmas (heads-up, I may or may not put entries into this blog while I'm on vacation. I'll be gone practically from Christmas to New Years) but I still want to have a tree. Last year we had a real live tree and it didn't look dead for a long time. But I still miss seeing a tree in that spot, next to the keyboard. (We have an old keyboard, plus a baby grand piano.)

This is kind of unrelated, but this morning, I took a look at our front yawn. You see, we live basically at the very "beginning" of our street. So all cars going into or out of our street will pass by our house. This also means we have a lot of unwelcome things happening to our lawn (we don't have a fence). There are sometimes dogs pooping on the lawn, or moles/gophers/other outdoor riffraff digging up the grass... And today we even found a food wrapper on our lawn. I was pretty insulted that my house is now considered a trash dump. I suppose people are awfully lazy, even in our cool (but rather unknown, since it takes a while to find it on a California map) town. Sigh.

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