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One of my friends sent me an email inviting some other people and me to her ice skating show. She would be skating last night, at the ice rink near Vallco/Cupertino Square. Well, my parents took me shopping at JC Penney that time because they wanted to spend this $10 coupon (we are going on vacation so this is a good opportunity) and after I got home I realized I had completely missed her performance! I felt so terrible after that I almost started banging my head on the wall (My friend who moved away, which I shall call E for privacy's sake, does that when she's frustrated). I can't do that since I need to preserve my brain cells. Once you're older your body will start losing its ability to make new cells.

My mom told me about a girl who is my friend/classmate at school, who I will call MC (I have another friend with the same initials, but I don't really know what to do about it...). Apparently, MC used to go to Stevens Creek, my elementary school, but then moved to Portal-Murdock (that was E's elementary school for a few years). So my mother thinks E's friend MC and my friend MC are the same person...Maybe that's why MC and E are a little similar. (Young people are influence a lot by the people around them and stuff.) I haven't found an appropriate time to ask, though. D: It seems like a weird thing to say.

I was playing Animal Crossing on my Gamecube again. It's kind of funny how video games will warn you in the game or in the instruction manual to be careful if you have motion sickness or can't stand bright lights. Some games will totally give you seizures if you stare at it too long. Kind of like Mr. Blair's classroom. (He has his winter holiday lights up...Did I tell that story yet? Yes? No? I'll tell it again. Look at next paragraph.)

One year, a student brought in some Christmas lights. Mr. Blair put them in up in his room. More kids brought lights. The principal heard of it and demanded to know why Mr. Blair had Christmas lights. (The principal at the time was one of those people who believes Christmas is a religious holiday and should not be celebrated at school) So Mr. Blair insists they are winter holiday lights. The principal decides he will visit Room 21 every class period to see if this is true. Every time he picks on a random student and asks him/her what the lights are. One time he picked the wrong person. This girl said "These are winter holiday lights" in a very sarcastic voice. I hear the principal got really mad at that. But he stopped bothering Mr. Blair about it. XD

So Mr. Blair told us we need to remember that just in case. Even if Mr. Ottey happens not to care much. (A guy says he swore when the principal was nearby but Mr. Ottey didn't seem to notice, or just didn't say anything)

If I've already told the winter holiday lights story, I'm sorry! I have memory problems.

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