By ◆ Juppie on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 @ 5:24 PM

My life is becoming a "Series of Unfortunate Events"! D: I mean, there are still good things, but mostly I am feeling unhappy.

I didn't sleep too well last night...I had a pounding headache and I was feeling really stressed because not only has my Christmas tree - my good good friend - been moved outside (I mean, it looks fine, but I still feel strange not seeing it in its usual spot), but I was burned this morning in cooking class...I wasn't paying attention and unfortunately part of my hand touched the still-very-hot cookie sheet. The pain is bearable but I still feel like this is "deja vu" because I was burned in fifth grade from something we were doing. (Depending on who you are, you may have heard this story, but most people have not. Perhaps I shall tell it another time.) So now I have an odd dark spot on my hand where the burn was. I wonder how it'll look next morning.

Also, I am not finished with my homework and have yet to practice piano. On normal circumstances, I would have enough time to do them, but today my mom is going to make me attend the 7th Grade Parent Information Night...I have no interest in going, since it will probably take a long time, and I am quite busy as is. But when you argue with my mom, it just makes her madder and madder. (My grandmother claims that this happens when you reach a certain age...) So I am planning to practice some piano right now, then when I come back, I will try to play on the piano. (Too bad I have no idea when this thing ends. It doesn't say on the school newsletter which my mom printed out...)

And now I have to drink this protein drink thing every other day. When we were looking at my "growth chart" (It's this long poster type of thing on a wall which has a picture of a giraffe and various numbers indicating height) my dad somehow thought that back when I used to drink a lot of protein drink, I grew a lot. (I don't believe it, but I suppose people who are too much alike tend to "butt heads") So now I am back to drinking it. At least now I only have to drink half of it. I do not trust this drink. It has weird tiny lumps in it which taste really vile, like some sort of witch's stew.

I am sorry if anyone is disappointed by the rather gloomy mood of the blog nowadays. If you want, I can try to write a lighthearted story about a little freckled girl who dances under a rainbow. :p It would be fun.

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