By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, December 6, 2008 @ 5:50 PM

Yesterday, my language arts teacher was saying things about us being able to blow her socks off. I looked down at her feet, and I noticed she wasn't wearing any socks... (At least, not that could I see. Maybe they were the transparent types.)

Anyhow, I should be working on the weekend and not slacking off like I want to... I've got a little something called "home cooking projects" to do. When you have cooking as your elective, you need to do a total of 6 of these projects during the trimester. Three of them are due by the first half of the trimester, and the rest are due by the end of the trimester. I only have four recipes to choose from right now, so I decided I was going to do maybe two recipes right now, and wait before I pick a third one. (Currently, I'm planning to do Orange Julius which is a smoothie, and Eggs in a Nest which is bread and eggs.)

Unfortunately, when cooking Chinese food, usually you wouldn't measure ingredients, and you wouldn't use vanilla, so we don't have measuring utensils or any vanilla extract at our house. :( I had to go out and buy them. My mom is worried that it's a waste of money if I don't cook often enough. So I have to make sure to cook a lot, or she'll start complaining again.

Turns out there are two OVAs for the anime Sola that I didn't watch yet, so I'm watching them right now. Too bad it was a short anime with a bittersweet sort of ending. I finished Ouran High School Host Club, as well, so nothing left to do but finish Princess Tutu, and keep watching Shugo Chara Doki. (There are actually twenty-six episodes of PT, even though I previously thought there was only thirteen...)

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