By ◆ Juppie on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 @ 7:21 PM

I have seen many imitations of my traits lately. For instance, I always "save the best for last". Like when I have several types of food, I eat the foods I don't like first, then eat the ones I like. Other people are thinking that way now too. (I don't know whether this is something that happens with age, but for me, I have had that way of thinking for a few years already.) And I have this solar-powered keychain with my name flashing on it. I have seen others starting to buy them too... And it may not be a coincidence.

And now my dad is trying to be like me as well! Not only does he want his own blog, but he is getting a new cell phone! (I got a new cell phone recently. It is shiny but it is a bit confusing, so I miss my old phone.) I have this black Palm Centrino thingy. My dad is getting the same phone, but the red color. (And I hate red on cell phones.)

Anyhow, the good news (at least for me) is that my burn looks no worse than before and the pain has already disappeared. Now I am feeling pain in my back and muscles, though that is to be expected...After all, I ran the mile, and due to my lack of sleep, got a rather bad time. (I don't understand why the school forces us to run so fast...Well, at least my PE teacher is nicer than last trimester's and he grades us on whether we improve, not on numbers alone.)

By the way, here's this week's cooking schedule.
Monday - Prepare Pretzels
Tuesday - Bake Pretzels
Wednesday - Measurements (worksheets. D:)
Thursday - Pancakes!
Friday - Breakfast Burritos

From now on, I will try to post what we're up to in cooking. :D

Oh yeah, and today was Open Art Studio. During lunch every week, the art classroom is open so students can come in to work and eat. I am no longer in art, but I still enjoy visiting the classroom, since I kind of miss it. One of my friends and I help out the teacher by recording scores in her grade book, and filing away the papers. For our work, we usually get rewarded. :p We get all sorts of strange things, from jewelry to lip balm to pencils...

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