By ◆ Juppie on Monday, January 19, 2009 @ 4:11 PM

Right now I am typing this at my friend Mars/Miyu-chan's house. She didn't want me to use her own computer, so I am currently using her sister's computer. She keeps pressuring me to write in the blog she just made. (Unfortunately I am not yet a part of the blog team, so I decided I would rather just write in my own friendly Kaisoumizu for now). That reminds me...Recently I was wandering about on the Internet and I saw someone called "kai_mizu" or something like that. I was a bit worried because that sounds quite similar to Kaisoumizu. I hope whoever it is doesn't mind.

It's already 4 pm. Time sure flies. I was scheduled to be at my pal's house from 2 pm to 6 pm. We decided not to go to the movies, so we are here rotting our brains out on the computers. Miyu-chan warned me not to use Mozilla Firefox because it makes her computers crash but I eventually got sick of the slowness of Internet Explorer and went for Foxy. And it is working much more effectively, actually, so I'm glad. (By the way, her sister's computer is a Windows Vista, Toshiba brand. So the screens look a little different from what I'm used to since I have always used Windows XP.)

Which reminds me, Miyu-chan's sister's cursor (you know, the pointy arrow thing you use to move around the screen and click on things). It's a peeling banana which is quite amusing to watch. I used to have a cursor back in the day, when my laptop was still young and restless, but my dad removed the program that lets me choose different cursors because my computer had been running out of space. I kind of miss having a custom cursor, but I don't want to install it on my computer and end up with viruses and spyware. So I guess I have to do without.

Let me talk about something else before I bore you to tears. I am celebrating my mom's successful download. She finally managed to install her Skype, so I can chat with her when she has free time at work. Twice she used only a smilie/emoticon for her message and I was creeped out, so I asked her why. She said it was too tiresome to type out a message. I called her lazy, but she annoyed me by saying she wasn't the lazy one, I was...! Hmph, what a rude thing to say, even if it is...true. Somewhat.

I ate a bunch of grapes earlier. I hope Miyu-chan's mom doesn't mind. I know she probably put it out for my sake, but I'm not sure if I was supposed to eat that much, you know? Then I'd look like a glutton, she'd give me too much food next time, I wouldn't finish it, and she might be offended (though she wouldn't say so). Must be very careful with other people's parents. (That's a word of advice! Remember it!)

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