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I guess that applies to women too. 'Cuz I was reading So Far From the Bamboo Grove today, because it's our current book for language arts class, and the mother of the main character died. And, as dead people usually are, she was silent and pale and unmoving. (I was having trouble coming up with a post title today, that's all.)

I've been pushed around a lot at school lately and I'm getting a bit annoyed. For instance, when I was trying to get through the classroom door at lunchtime, the kids were too rowdy and I fell backward, tumbling onto my backpack. It didn't really hurt but I was very upset because I was trying not to let this happen. And also, at the lunch line I had to do a bit of shoving myself to get a good place in line because the lunch lady decided she wanted us to go in through a different door than usual. (This was because we moved to a different location today. The geography bee was going on in the ordinary place. I had forgotten about the geography bee, and unfortunately missed it. So I only glimpsed it later through a window. Mr. Blair was talking to the kids; at this point there were three boys and one girl left.)

That reminds me, once I'm in eighth grade I might be able to enter the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I have never been sure if I'm good enough to go far but I always wanted to see. But unfortunately I never get a chance due to me being in the wrong grade at the moment.

Right now my legs are pretty stiff. I've been standing in an odd position in front of the computer because my mom says you can lose weight by standing for half an hour after you eat. I don't really believe what my mom says since she gets these things from Chinese newspapers (Which I don't trust), but oh well.

Today's country in class (I usually don't talk about this but I am not sure what to talk about today) was Singapore. I was looking at it and I realized they seem to have better living standards than China (They make a few thousand more dollars average than USA! And have a much higher HDI, .922, which is basically how clean and safe it is). They have strict laws, though...Which is probably why it's clean.

Here's an example. A kid lived in Singapore and he was feeling naughty so he decided he was going to graffiti a place. He was caught and was to be publicly whipped. But a lot of humanitarian people said that was cruel so there was a big conflict over it. Eventually the guy stepped up and said he did the crime, he would accept the lashes. (Mr. Blair admires him for at least doing that.) He was whipped, certainly, but due to the people concerned about him he was only whipped a few times, in a wimpy way.

By the way, before I forget, here's this week's cooking schedule...After that I'll be "signing off". :)

Monday - Prepare Pizza! (Mrs. Fromm says that's popular with the kids.)
Tuesday - Bake Pizza
Wednesday - Utensils (Don't ask me what that is because I don't know.)
Thursday - Chicken or Tofu Nuggets
Friday - Cinnamon Crisps

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