By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, January 10, 2009 @ 6:42 PM

Usually I only do kitchen-related work at school in cooking class... And this is my first time cutting fruit, basically. XD My mom bought some fruit, so we were able to make a smoothie. I cut the strawberries, a banana, and an apple to put in the smoothie. (I only cut one of the two apples we used because I'm not good and cutting and peeling apples.) At first I was freaked out while cutting the strawberries because there was red stuff on my hands. But then I realized it was just strawberry goo.

I basically wasted away this whole Saturday. In the morning I was really tired so I tried to sleep in and kind of succeeded. I got up at 10 am. By then my dad and his friend were gone...Probably for tourism purposes, seeing as the friend probably hasn't been to California much before. My mom says they must've gone to Stanford University and San Francisco...Typical.

After a while, I practiced piano, ate breakfast, and did my usual money-making business on my newest Animal Crossing (Gamecube) account. And then it was practically lunchtime. And soon after, my mom left for the library, shopping, and acupuncture. I was highly disapproving since I think acupuncture is like torture. (I just don't like seeing people have needles stuck in them.)

I played the Sims 2 in the meantime. I really shouldn't have. It was just a waste of time. XD Maybe I ought to have spent that time making a new avatar for myself...But too late now.

I saw something kind of disturbing today. I was planning to do one of my Home Cooking Projects this weekend, since you are required to have a total of six of them by the end of the trimester. So I wanted to do cinnamon rolls as one of my projects. I was looking for yeast at my house, and I found a small packet with yeast in it.

I checked the expiration date...It was December in 1999! Prehistoric thing! I was freaked out and my mom asked if we could use that but I said no way since it's so old.

Apparently, my mom used to have a breadmaker, but she gave it to one of my dad's friends, whose wife loves cooking. So apparently my mom hasn't used yeast ever since she came to California. That must've been before I was born. o_O

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