By ◆ Juppie on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 @ 7:44 PM

I'm having pain in the area near my digestive system. Not quite, but a little below it. (This is something females have a better time relating to if you know what I mean. So don't read this paragraph otherwise.) And I had a lot of blood today, so my mom and I freaked out and went to see a doctor. Turns out it was normal because I'm getting older and I shouldn't panic so much. (But still...I was bleeding a lot. Not because I was injured or anything. But it was much more than usual.)

Anyhow, though, I should talk about something better. When I went to school today I was still upset but I almost smiled since there was this guy with a dolphin rubber toy. It was really long and thin. He would carry it around while wearing his pajamas and making excellent dolphin noises. (It's hard to impress me but I thought his dolphin imitation was fairly accurate.) I actually saw many more people dressed up for the day than I'd expected. So for once I felt a little bad about not dressing up. (But due to my explosion today it was a good thing I didn't wear my pajamas because the blood would totally have shown even worse.) And I feel bad about not bringing a stuffed animal, too, because my friends attacked me with theirs. Some friends! But bringing a stuffed animal would've made me feel better, anyhow.

I had a total of two substitute teachers today. I had a sub for cooking class, which was a shame because that means we didn't have the chance to cook today. We had to do these weird worksheets where you label different cooking utensils. Then I did one of those puzzles...I think it was called a word search. You know, when you have a word bank and look for the words, then circle them. It was pretty easy at first but then I realized some of the words were backwards diagonal which is more confusing. D:

Anyhow, the other substitute was a guy I recognized, Mr. H I shall call him, who was subbing for language arts. My usual teacher, Mrs. Jackson, was out sick. Mr. H is a great teacher; I've had him in past years. He is retired, but gets bored, so he works as a substitute teacher. He tells great stories, like how a guy was shot in the foot when someone thought of a question to ask, but was holding a loaded gun...And how he was playing with his sister and accidentally shot her with a BB gun because they were pretending to do a circus trick. (For some reason several stories are related to guns. Don't ask me why.)

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