By ◆ Juppie on Thursday, January 8, 2009 @ 3:45 PM

It seems like my parents always like to hang up on me. For instance, I called my mom today, since she wants me to call everyday after school. But before I could really say anything (besides complain about her plan to make me do more math problems) I could hear her cell phone ring in the background. She had to pick it up, so she shooed me off and hung up. It happens pretty often, actually. Even with my dad...He has people who want to ask him things, but they sometimes come in person instead of calling.

I took a really long break in the middle of writing this since I am constantly gathering more animes to watch in the future. (My list is actually longer than the animes I've actually watched by now XD So I have to work really hard if I want to deplete the list.)

At the moment I am watching one called Allison & Lillia. (I'm pretty sure I didn't say that in any recent posts) I'm more than halfway through now. (I really hate to watch long animes so I usually don't watch any animes more than 26 episodes long...This one is 26, just pressing the limit. I have watched some long animes such as Shugo Chara and Marmalade Boy, though.) And I'm kind of picky since I usually don't watch horror, yaoi, yuri, or anything like that. Nor do I watch mecha much. XD Not that I really hate it or something.

Anyhow, I should quit talking about anime. I guess I'll swap to school and walking home. It's an easier topic, really.

At school, I always have trouble doing the labs in class...It's because the microscopes appear not to work on 400x zoom in. Either the lens are dirty, the slide itself isn't working, the light isn't very bright, etc. My tablemate/friend and I usually end up asking the teacher for help. Mr. Brown, at least, can fix it, even if it takes time. D:

And when I was walking home, I saw this building being built. (I think it's a house, with the lower level for business/shop purposes, and the second level being for living) I remember I first saw it so long ago, the first time I walked home, back in the summer vacation. Back then it was just a pit being dug, with some sticks and orange stuff in the ground. Then eventually there was framework being put together and dirt being shoveled around. Now it looks like a house shape, except it looks like wood boards right now. But they'll keep working on it, I'm sure. Eventually I'll see the whole thing.

That reminds me of why my dad likes gardening. He says he likes to be able to make things grow with his own hands. (Not like he does much besides trimming stuff and planting it and killing mushrooms and all, but whatever.)

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