By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, January 11, 2009 @ 3:04 PM

The time got moved today. Usually I have piano in the late morning but this time class starts at 3:30 pm. That probably means someone has a birthday party to attend, or some soccer game, or something. Since I'm almost always free on Sundays, it's usually me who has my class moved. -_-;; Not that it's a really bad thing. But I like having piano class earlier. My teacher is in a better mood in the morning, since she's getting old and feels like napping in the afternoon.

I haven't really done much today either, but at least a little more than yesterday. Like I actually started working on the cinnamon rolls today. At first I was having trouble because the butter wasn't dissolving; then I realized you were supposed to add the flour, regardless of whether the butter was still chunky. So I wasted a lot of time...Whoops.

But it's all well so far now, and the dough looks beautiful. Even better than the time we did it at school. So I will pray that it turns out great once we actually do the rest of the recipe. My mom insisted we let the dough sit for a while since on the recipe it says "At home: Let rise". The dough isn't rising very much but I guess it isn't really supposed to be double in size or something.

After cooking I ate lunch. The soup today was hot and it looked strange. It was orange with little brown things in it. (I think the brown stuff was little meat bits but I dunno.) I ate it without any problems but it looked awfully suspicious. You never know what kind of things my parents might think of to put in soup if they think it's "healthy".

My mom told me once she was eating at a restaurant and ordered a special type of grape juice. It didn't have any alcohol but it was supposed to have the same health benefits of wine. o_O;; And then my mom's friend went to another restaurant and tried to order "grape juice" but it was just regular grape juice, not the special sort my mom drank. (Apparently it's only served in some places. And my mom said it was really tasty and nutritious.)

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