By ◆ Juppie on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 @ 3:54 PM

I'm kidding, I'm kidding...But I did hear of some disturbing things recently. My Internet Explorer only works sometimes nowadays, and I was wondering why it wasn't working. I think I may know the reason (or one of the reasons) because it turns out Internet Explorer has a big hole in it! So it's easy for people to put viruses and stuff like that into your computer. I was told you should swap to a different server if you use IE, such as Mozilla Firefox (what I usually use), Opera, Safari, or Google Chrome.

Well, I'm going to talk about something else now. (I don't want to start lecturing, because you would never see daylight again otherwise. Unless you use your computer outdoors.) My blog posts tend to be relatively unorganized and you will probably get confused by my jumping from topic to topic...So I apologize if this is hard to understand at times.

Cooking class went okay today. We're making the dough for our cookies. You get to choose between sugar and gingerbread cookies. The sugar cookie dough keeps sticking to the spoon we use for mixing. It's really a hassle but I guess it'll be worth it when we get to eat it. But I think I will end up overeating. (After all, I had a lot to eat at lunch, so I threw away part of it because I was feeling nauseous.)

Though it doesn't affect me at school, I think I might be getting arthritis or something. In the evening, when I'm playing Wii Fit, my knees get stiff and painful, and my back does as well. I think that isn't supposed to happen to a young person, because my mom said she feels it, and she's so much older than me! I wonder if I should see a doctor. (My mom says it's just from "exercising but not trying to loosen your muscles afterward")

I wonder when spring will come...It's so cold my hands are numb and frozen half the time. Even during PE, when you're supposed to feel warmed up, I still feel like I'm in the refrigerator or something. I guess I should wear a jacket and gloves to PE, but that would feel kind of weird. And it's kind of sad that it's really cold but not cold enough to snow...

I hear Japan is even colder in the winter. I don't look forward to that, even though I pretend I don't believe it when my mom says so. (She checked the weather forecast or something. And she listens to her friends' gossip when they have visited a place. They said Princess cruise ships aren't as great as you would think. I wouldn't know, since I've only ridden NCL and one Carnival cruise...) We'll be flying to Japan and going around with a tour group for about a week, then we head to China and visit my relatives. My mom is taking me to see her grandma's grave. Apparently the trains leave early in the morning, though. That's not good.

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