By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, December 21, 2008 @ 12:55 PM

Indeed, time is ticking. Christmas will pass in a flash, and then we'll have New Year's next. And it'll be 2009! Which means a long time until the next summer Olympics. (Hmm, and I'll be in high school a few years from now.)

My head was hurting when I woke up, so I just stayed in bed for a while, being lazy. Finally my mom got me out of bed because she wants me to choose clothes for our vacation, and also to cook breakfast (I am doing one of my Home Cooking Projects now since they are due in January). I made some pancakes but left the mess for my mom to clean up. But it's okay because she liked the pancakes. It's the first time we ever made them in this house.

This morning, I saw my dad ironing some of his shirts. I was shocked because I never really see him wearing any of those shirts. All he does is wear suspicious shirts with holes or jackets from Broadcom (which is my mom's company, but the jacket is too big for my mom). And I remember recently I saw my dad using a thread and needle to repair buttons on his shirts. This was shocking too because I have not much knowledge of sewing/crocheting/stuff like that, but HE CAN DO IT AND I CAN'T?! (Dad says he decided when he was young that he would become a person who could function independently.)

Since we're leaving home tomorrow, I decided to open one of my Christmas presents and leave the other two for after I come home. (It's pretty pitiful, but I only have three presents this year. :( ) It's the Sims 2 expansion called Apartment Life. I was happy since I'm collecting the expansions. (So far I have University, Nightlife, Pets, Seasons, Bon Voyage, and my new one.) I've just installed it today and I plan to play it a lot while I have the chance.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World (I have had this game for years and years now, but I still play it to keep my flower gardens alive), I've been trying to build snowmen, since I like getting "payment" for it. But I always either make a snowman with a too-big head, or I can't find enough snowballs, or something. It's such a pain.

It's about time to eat lunch now. I usually eat lunch earlier than this, but I was occupied on the computer. (I had been planning to find an icon for my Blogger profile but I spent too long and I ended up saving a bunch of images to my computer. Hehehehe.) So now I find it's already an hour past noon and my lunch may be getting cold. Better get going.

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