By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, December 20, 2008 @ 7:31 PM

Today we went to the library and then to Great Mall. We had to return a lot of library books and DVDs because they'll be due during the time we're gone on vacation. D: I feel sad returning them, but at least that means I got to use the electronic machine outside the Cupertino Library. That is always lots of fun. It's more enjoyable to use the check-out machines, though. On the second floor, the check-out on the left side makes noises, like a slot machine. XD

After that we headed to my dad's office, which was a surprise since it's the weekend. Apparently my dad was supposed to bring home some headphones or something but he forgot to do it yesterday. While we were there I got some pencils from the break room. My dad said it's a good life to work at Cisco Systems because you can check stocks, look at PGA Tour's website, drink coffee, have free pencils, and eat ramen. (Which leads me to the next paragraph.)

For lunch, we ate at a ramen shop, called Maru Ichi. (According to dad, it's the favorite ramen shop in the Bay Area) I had some shoyu ramen and so did my mom. My dad had kuro ramen. (I think kuro/kuroi means black, so that's why the soup looked black.) It was really good, and I even got a bit of ice cream. What was really funny was the ice cream came in a plastic cup. On the cup it said "Warning: Contents hot". I hope ice cream will always be a cold treat.

After that we headed to Great Mall, which is apparently close to my dad and mom's workplaces. (My mom says years back, she used to go there, until she realized she wasn't going to buy any clothes anyways.) At first I didn't remember it but after I went inside I recognized it, even though I haven't been there for a few years. I mostly just go to Valley Fair or Vallco/Cupertino Square. (If you live near me, you may know what I'm talking about. These are malls, by the way.) The stores have changed, though. And it was really crowded in there. Lots of people are doing holiday shopping since they think they can get good deals at this time of year.

Even a year later, Hollister and Abercrombie still creep me out, but since my mom's friend thinks I should get a heavy jacket there, my parents dragged me in. The dim lights, pants that have holes in them, and giant black-and-white pictures are disturbing. Worse, the Hollister fitting rooms have no benches and are really small, so they look like jail cells...

I got really thirsty and my feet hurt from walking around too long. My mom wanted to use the bathroom, so we went to my dad's office a second time so she could use the restroom. XD In the meantime my dad and I went to get drinks in the break room, but the refrigerator broke on the first floor so we had to go upstairs. It's a good thing that they have elevators because I am bad at using stairs.

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