By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, January 4, 2009 @ 3:04 PM

I fell asleep a few hours earlier this time. Maybe it was 11:30, or midnight, or 12:30 in the night. I'm not sure, since I can't see my clock that well in the nighttime. (It's a black clock. Convenient, huh?) And I woke up around 9. For me, usually, that's considered sleeping in, but since I came back from China, that merely means I'm managing to go back to Pacific Time. Maybe I'll be okay tomorrow.

Except for one thing...When I woke up, my legs were so stiff and painful, I wonder if something's seriously going wrong. I was wobbling for a while until I got used to the ache. But I'm still weak because of my stiff legs. I hope it'll be okay for running because if not, I'll be doomed in PE. (And I still don't know whether my PE teacher forces you to make up the winter run, which I missed because of an assembly on the last day before winter break.)

My dad is constantly visiting some website called "China Gate". It's apparently a Chinese forum. It has a lot of advertisements on the sides. And some celebrity pictures. (I guess my dad is interested in these kinds of things? I mean, he reads Chinese newspapers, too.) Actually, I heard you can't go on China Gate in China. That's kind of ironic, seeing as China Gate is a Chinese website but is blocked by its own country.

My mom will be heading home on an airplane tomorrow. So at least I can look forward to that. We use a program called Skype to communicate. (I only use it for this purpose, to talk to relatives.) I actually heard if you change your status to Skype Me, anyone can talk to you. So beware. (It may be easier to understand what I'm saying if you have Skype already.)

Anyhow, I saw my grandparents (my mom's parents) today. My grandma asked me what time it was in the USA. I said it was 3 pm. Then she said, "So you just got back from school?" Confused, I told her there was no school today. She laughed when she realized she'd forgotten that it's Sunday over here.

My grandpa thought it was funny too. And we have this inside joke about people's minds getting worse. So I brought it up now. (Basically, it would be translated to "she/he is going crazy since they're old")

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