By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, January 3, 2009 @ 2:56 PM

My dad dragged me awake at noon to try and make me adjust back to Pacific time. It's not really working since waking up made me have a headache. But I guess I have to start somewhere so I can't really blame my dad.

I just ate a sandwich for lunch. Yesterday my dad bought two sandwiches, one for my dinner yesterday and one for my lunch today. They're from a bakery-ish place called Panera Bread. If you live near me, you may know what that is. There are other Panera Bread stores in the USA, I think, but I've only been to the one near my house.

Afterward, we went to the grocery store because my dad needs to make some soup. Usually I have some soup with my dinner every night so it is sort of necessary. He got some tomatoes and bok choy (a vegetable. My history teacher likes it, but I don't. But now I'm kind of used to eating it, after all these years). He also got some pears and bananas as snacks. The pears all look kind of bruised and they have a weird shape. (The kind I like are greenish and they're called D'anjou pears or something like that) Still, they taste good. At least to me. (Some people like different pears. Suggest some kinds to me if you like.)

Then we went to the library. I already renewed some of my books except for the ones that I already finished and should return. We waited in line to return our books since the Santa Clara Library uses electronic returning now. The guy in front of us was kind of slow. I guess he wasn't very good at it. (He got confused and put his hand near the place you put your books to return them, so it kept saying "barcode not identified!" but finally he managed to press the right buttons and get his receipt) We were a lot faster. But I guess we're used to it.

Once we got home I was starting to get drowsy again but I had to go practice piano. So I did. Then my dad needed to leave again (he didn't bring me with him this time). He said he needed to buy bones. At first I thought he was crazy but he reminded me that the meat on the bones is for cooking the soup. So never mind, hehe.

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