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Or so I hope. It was doing better yesterday after my dad figured out what we had done wrong. (It took a while seeing as my dad isn't the handiest at these sort of things. Sorry if you're reading this, dad. But the truth is the truth.) Today it seems a bit messed up. Sometimes the Internet gets stuck. This happened while I was trying to go on Nutrinopets and look for images for RPing (in other words, role-playing. If you don't know what this is feel free to ask on the Cbox.). Eventually I got sick of the Internet's failing to load so I closed it and decided to play the Sims 2. Once I get home I need to install my other expansion packs on my mom's laptop. (I'm going to play it there even though I'd rather have my desktop computer back home.)

Yesterday we did some shopping. We bought two sets of pajamas at a store. They were pretty cheap compared to the USA. (Just who knows if it's good quality or not. My mom says you can't really tell if it's in Shanghai.) We tried to get a new pencil box for me since my old "Hu Hu Cat" one, which despite it's originality, is getting ready to retire. (My grandma insulted it since it's so dirty nowadays.) But most of the stores have ridiculous prices for them. And the selection is bad. I could get a plain ugly one or a Mickey Mouse one. But I don't really want a Mickey Mouse. (They were cuter in Japan. Now my family agrees we would rather buy one there since they are higher quality anyhow.) Maybe I need to try and find one in the USA.

We browsed for clothes in the afternoon. I visited a place called Metersbonwe. (Never seen it in the USA, so I was curious.) It was mostly jackets and what my parents called "young people clothes". I didn't like anything there except for a shirt. The top of it was white and the bottom would be either grey or black. But it wasn't on sale and my mom didn't like the bottom part so we didn't buy it. I debated whether to buy some boots (are they called Ugg boots?) but my dad discouraged me from it since they would be too warm for California.

Later on I saw the same Metersbonwe shop and outside was an ambulance and a police motorcycle. On the ground was a guy who had some orange stuff on him. (I couldn't take a close look because my mom kept trying to drag me away.) I thought he had thrown up and passed out, but my mom says he was actually run over by a car...Ouch. But I guess this is Shanghai so you can't avoid it forever...

...Unless you're me! Hehehehe. In Japan there's some myths about your life. If you go to the hot springs once, you live a year longer. (Two times is ten years, three times is immortality?!) And if you eat an egg with a black eggshell, apparently you add seven years to your life. (I ate two. So I gain fourteen years.) By the way, these black eggs are sold in a shop around Mount Fuji. They're called "Kuro Tamago".

Anyhow, yesterday I visited my dad's hotel. It's called 24K International Hotel...Not that good. If it were me I'd want to stay in Four Seasons, or Marriott. But it looked okay outside. The lobby looked fair enough too. However, the inside was not so good. The hallways are a drab beige/white color and they constantly play this Christmas music in them. The room would've been better if they'd put more stuff on one of the walls, cleaned up the walls, and changed the chair.

We eventually went to a nearby restaurant to eat dinner with my dad's relatives. We ate there last time I went to China. (Actually, since my dad's dad used to do calligraphy for a living...I heard he did the calligraphy for the restaurant's name. So that's probably why he keeps visiting the restaurant.) I didn't eat much because I don't like Chinese food. Mainly I just played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team to pass the time. That reminds me, I should get one of the newer PMD games. And also there is Pokemon Platinum coming out sometime in 2009.

Of course, since my mom's dad smokes, my dad's dad joined him, and the two of them smoked. You could see the smoke rising through the room we were eating in. I was freaked out and tried to run off. Then I threatened them by saying I wouldn't be their friends or visit them if they kept smoking.

Oh, I should say who was at the dinner... My direct family meaning mom, dad, and I; My grandparents on both sides of the family; my dad's siblings which are one older sister and two older brothers; and one of the brothers' wife. My dad's sister keeps calling me an entertaining person. (I am, but it's annoying anyhow.) But she's a nice enough person, I suppose. She talks sometimes, and she said kids are scared of her because she acts stern towards them. And she says my dad is entertaining. (Probably has to do with me being like my dad.)

My relatives gave me a bag with some Adidas clothing in it. (Some relative I don't remember works at Adidas.) I pretended to be really happy but in truth I was just bored and tired. (The shirt is too short for me and the shorts are the kind that some guys at my school might wear. Those guys are talkative and sometimes play basketball. One time they were doing it with a rock and it bounced off the backboard and hit me. They just laughed.)

Ah, well, that's my dad's family for you. Or so I tell my mom, since she doesn't like 'em that much. (Haha, she doesn't like her own parents too much because they're so stubborn. But maybe that happens if you're old and live in Shanghai!)

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