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While I was in Japan, we went downstairs to visit Hilton Narita's convenience store. They've got Pocky there, ¥165 for a box. It's not too expensive, so I bought a box. It looks like the kind you can get where I live, except for it has some Japanese on it and a cherry blossom pattern. (That's to be expected. After all, the Japanese are proud of their cherry blossoms and their Mt. Fuji, I hear.)

Yesterday (At least, it was yesterday on this side of the globe) was my last day in Japan. We went to the airport and took a plane to Shanghai, China. I was pretty disapointed since this flight was not as good as the one across the ocean. We had a strong headwind so we were a few minutes late, and the lunch they gave us was really weird-looking. The tomato sauce was pale orange! I decided not to eat it. The rice is a putrid yellow color, too. So I just ate the noodles since it looks normal.

My grandpa was there to pick us up. We waited for a minibus to take us away from the airport. Unfortunately, minibuses are not common, unlike taxis, so we had to wait a long time. Finally we got one. We headed to Dad's hotel first (he wanted to stay in a hotel. But he has to stay in a lame, cheap one because Cisco Systems won't pay for it. Otherwise he would stay in Four Seasons) and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's apartment. I was really tired by this point and couldn't recognize it until I went inside. It hasn't really changed except for there being a new computer (which we bought. Apparently laptops are very expensive in China compared to America).

Since there are only two bedrooms in the apartment, Mom and I shared one. I brought my Yoshi stuffed toy with me. (We bought it in Japan. It is small but cute. Mom says it's good quality because it has "beans" inside of it. ...No, I don't mean the gas kind of beans.)

This morning looks quite depressing so far. Everytime I try to visit certain websites I get this message in Chinese and I can't understand it. I guess this computer is designed to block certain websites. But it is really annoying since I can't go where I want to. I'm just lucky that isn't one of the blocked websites.

Not only is the Internet depressing (especially since it's mostly in Chinese) but the weather outside is so dreary! It rained overnight and the heater makes noises so I couldn't sleep that well. Also, there are street noises caused by the trees. So I am quite tired. And I'm wearing Grandma's pajamas since mine are in the washing machine. (They are hanging out to dry over the balcony right now.)

The TV is often turned on in this house. Right now it's playing a black and white TV show which is probably an old American one. The problem is, it has a Chinese dub which sounds really ridiculous. I can't tell for sure but this could be The Twilight Zone?! (The show that Mrs. Jackson, my language arts teacher, lets us watch in class sometimes.)

Well, anyhow, I'll try to say something less depressing. Dad is coming over soon and he might be able to fix the Internet a bit. (I tried to download Mozilla Firefox but it's in Chinese, I think, so it's confusing.) He is at least better at computers than the Sun family, which is my mom's side of the family. My mom is still not good with them. She makes weird beeping sounds when she's working.

Adieu for now!

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