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Ugh, how mean. After my parents practically dismissed me from eavesdropping on their "serious conversation", I went to the garage to mope. (We keep our washing machine and dryer in there instead of in a laundry move) I heard the sound of the washing machine, so I opened it and took a look inside. However, it just went and stopped whooshing when I opened it. But it started again once I put down the lid. So I guess it was telling me to go away. I've got ruffled feathers now, if you know what I mean.

I was pretty chipper today since my mom is finally back. I hadn't seen her since New Year's Eve. Literally. So it was a pleasure to see her again. I almost got offended because when I told her that I got 50/50 on a math test, she mentioned the previous test, and remarked I hadn't done well then, like she was disappointed in me. Me, I just want to be appreciated, is all. The one person who has never praised me willingly is my own mother. So that's probably why we aren't truly friends. (Even if I missed her I don't even know if she missed me. But I'm not about to ask in case she pretends)

My mom was really huffy after her extended stay in Shanghai. Her clothes and other things in her suitcase smell like cigarette smoke. It's really kind of disgusting. She is washing her close to try and get rid of the smell. (It's even worse because her own father is an avid smoker. Luckily, her mother doesn't smoke.)

After a while my dad came home from work. He had gone to Costco, a big store with ugly tall ceilings, to buy things. It seems like they didn't have any Blueberry B Monster. (It's a drink from the company Odwalla which I often drink.) I hope they didn't stop selling it. Then I would have to go somewhere else to get it. I wonder if Whole Foods (Supposedly a store that sells healthy food and other organic products) has it.

My dad is kind of an immature person. (If you read this, Dad, I am sorry, but my true feelings are meant to be displayed on this blog) He wants people to like him and praise him, rather than give him criticism. And even if he is an adult, in his mind, it seems life is rather simple. (This does not mean that life is easy. Just that he has a straight-forward mind, similarly to my mom. They are both rather stubborn.) But maybe that isn't true, and I have been deceived for years.

While I was practicing piano this evening, I could hear a loud voice, so I thought my parents were arguing. I stopped playing and went over to take a look. It turns out my mom was giving some sort of speech. Her eyes were wild, her mouth open and flapping, and one arm was pumping up and down. I was shocked. That looked kind of like my dad when he's lecturing.

And now, I think they really are arguing. They keep talking about trying to move my grandpa (on my dad's side) to a new apartment. The stairs to the apartment are frail and steep so it's dangerous for an old man like him. (Particularly since he slipped and fell once, and injured himself. He is fine now...Or so he says. His relatives don't believe so.) And also he still didn't get indoor plumbing because it costs money. (Being retired is bad especially when you're old and weak. You have to rely on your relatives and the government for money.) So my dad and his siblings are desperately attempting to convince my grandpa to move to a new apartment. Then they will pitch in all their funds to try and buy one.

But my dad seems to have come to a disagreement with my mom, as his voice was raised and he looked really steamed. When my mom breaks in to make a comment he gets more heated up. I am afraid he will blow his top like a volcano and start throwing our dishware. D: I really hope not. It is scary, and it also means I have trouble hearing other noises since his voice is so loud and violent.

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