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It feels strange being back after I was in another country so long...And I was so tired when I woke up. I did not sleep well due to my "mental problems". (Don't worry, I don't need to go to an asylum. Sorry if you are offended by this statement.) And I was woken up by my dad's alarm clock. He insists on keeping me company because he thinks I'd be too lonely by myself. (It is true, but he snores and moves and tries to take my Bloomingdales teddy bear.)

I ate some eggs in a nest for breakfast. (You know, bread with eggs in it.) I ate one and a half slices. (Which turned out to be too much for me. I almost threw up, so I decided not to eat anymore.) But then we made puffy pancakes in cooking class. It's sort of like pancakes but it is a little eggy-tasting...and true to the name, it is also puffy. Very puffy. And the edges of the puffy-stuff got a bit burnt in the oven.

Cooking Schedule: (I am not sure if this is the exact one, because I didn't memorize it well this time.)
Monday - Puffy Pancakes
Tuesday - Texas BBQ Flatbread
Wednesday - Measurement Test
Thursday - ??? (Muffins? I forget)
Friday - ??? (I forget again)
If you know the rest of the schedule, let me know!

My teachers and fellow classmates can be amusing sometimes...Like in Mr. Blair's history class. So there's a guy called Jeffrey who keeps complaining about how cold it is despite the heater being on in the room. He decides later to go to the bathroom. So we vote unanimously to play a prank on Jeffrey...
1. First, wait until Jeffrey is close to the room.
2. Student yells out, "It's cold in here! Can we close the door?"
3. Mr. Blair locks door just as Jeffrey attempts to get in.
4. Watch him bang on glass until Mr. Blair sends him to get a paper towel from the boys' bathroom.
5. Then Mr. Blair changes his mind and allows Jeffrey to come back in.
This was very distracting seeing as we were supposed to be doing the first round of a geography bee.

Oh, and in Mrs. Jackson's class...Mrs. Jackson started showing off her document camera. It's like a projector but you don't need a transparent paper and it can zoom in and out...And it even shows color, not just black and white. We oohed and aahed at it for a while.

In Mr. Brown's class, a kid called Anush always asks questions. For instance, he said, "Can humans tame wolves?" Mr. Brown replied, "Of course; dogs are tamed wolves." Anush went "Ohhhhh!" as it clicked in his mind.

I was going to talk about mushrooms and building construction but there's not much time for that. So see you next time!

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