By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, November 29, 2008 @ 12:01 PM

I'm back from Las Vegas. It was quite a trip, and if I gave you all the itsy-bitsy details, you would probably fall asleep. So here's how it went.

It started out with me coming home from school on Tuesday. I just practiced piano and read a book while waiting for the time to go to the airport came. We drove there, I ate bread, and finally we got on the plane. Unfortunately, I started getting dizzy, and had to lay down for the flight. Luckily, it was only a short flight, and we got off the plane. Then we had to go to the rental car place to get a car, since of course we couldn't bring our car on the plane. (We didn't actually use the car much during the vacation.) It smelled sort of like candy in there. At nighttime it looked really shiny. (I wouldn't notice the flaws until daytime came again.)

We drove to our hotel, the Venetian. It's pretty cool since it looks like old-time Italy in there. There are shoppes inside and a "canal" filled with water, which gondola boats cruise up and down on. The rooms in this hotel are all suites, which is good for us, since not only is my family of three people going to Las Vegas, but also my grandma.

During the course of my vacation, I visit various places, my old haunts, in Las Vegas. My mom says that she and my dad actually visited Las Vegas twice before I was born, and then we visited it quite a few more times after I was born. So I have some memories from before of Las Vegas. A lot of the city is the same, and my favorite hotel (though I've never stayed in it), Bellagio, is still there. Bellagio is really nice since it has blown glass on one place on the ceiling, and it has a "garden" of sorts. It also has a shop that sells sweets, and fountains outdoors, which will "dance" to music in the later parts of the day.

If you want to hear more details, I'll put them in future posts, hopefully. But anyhow, when I got home, I was really unhappy. I went on to Nutrinopets this morning since I go there a lot when I'm on the Internet. Unfortunately, I found I had a warning for "reviving a dead topic". I managed to find out which topic it was, and I told myself I'd be more careful. But then it happened again and interrupted my posting in the forums. Same reason for the warning as before. The problem is, Nutrinopets wouldn't let me take the forum quiz now It must be the temporary suspension from the forums punishment. What upsets me is that I won't be able to find out what sort of topic it was that made me slip up. (Was it in the Art Trade? In Role-playing? Or in the General-ish forum? I guess it's a mystery for now)

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