By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 4:49 PM

When I was looking at the Blogger home page, I noticed that this blog now has 50 posts. That's pretty cool. I hope someday it will reach 100 posts (and not through spamming this blog on the weekend or something like that).

I'm writing this post in between bouts of Wii Fit. The most recent exercise I was doing was Lunges - 20 repetitions. I really hate doing lunges when I'm using the Balance Board. Not only is it monotonous but it makes my legs hurt and I start wobbling and losing my balance. But since I am competing with my dad for first place on the records, I have no choice but to keep doing it.

Since today is Sunday, I went to my piano class a bit before noon. I think my piano teacher is a bit lonely since her son is grown up and she is divorced, and she talks a lot. She said that a lot of people are sick, and how she has low blood pressure and gets dizzy, and how it's a problem that shows up when you're older. By the end of class she was telling us about an expensive mattress she bought which made her back pain go away. I don't say anything most of the time.

My dad took photos of my mom and I for our visas. Apparently you need a picture of yourself, against a white background, for your visa picture. (Sounds pretty lame to me, but I guess I have to, since I'm being forced to go to China later this year. At least I'll be able to see Japan while I'm at it.) I always have to visit my relatives in person once in a while. I wish they'd move nearer to me, but I think they probably wouldn't want to, even if they could.

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