By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, November 22, 2008 @ 5:36 PM

Since I have two friends with names starting with M, I have decided to call her "MN". The other M friend will now be "MC".

Anyhow, today was MN's birthday. She was complaining a bit because she is 13 now. Not only is it supposedly an unlucky number, but also this means she is getting old. Not always something you look forward to. I'm just glad my age is a number I like very much. By the way, my two favorite numbers are 12 and 18. They happen to be my class numbers. (What I mean is, in 2nd grade I was #12, then in 3rd grade I was #18, then #12 again, and finally #18 again.)

I went MN's house at 10 am and stayed until 4 pm. It was just A (MN's friend) and me at her party, a very small party indeed. But still good fun. MN showed us around the house and then we played Rock Band on her Xbox 360. I like playing drums but it makes my leg very tired from standing up and having to press the pedal-thing. I am very bad at singing. I didn't get to try the guitar, but I want to if I ever get the chance to play Rock Band again. Anyhow, we also looked at MN's photo albums. A tried to tell MN's three brothers apart. MN says she hates the strawberry cappuchinos from Starbucks because that drink was in one of the photos.

I am currently watching the anime Ouran High School Host Club. (It always takes a long time to type that name...) I already finished watching my most recent anime, H20: Footprints in the Sand. (As expected from me, this anime included both the ocean and the sky, which are two of my favorite things to have in an anime)

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