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That's rather blunt, and it might hurt people's feelings, but it was true. For me anyway. We went to the Tech Museum of Innovation. The first bad thing is that I've already been there so many times, most of the exhibits, I'm already familiar with. It was just the temporary exhibit about Leonardo da Vinci that made us even visit the museum, I think.

All seems to be going well in the beginning, but then when we're walking to the buses, I feel like jumping onto the wooden benches and walking on those instead. Bad move, because one of the teachers doesn't like that. (Actually, last year, when I didn't walk home, I walked on top of the benches. No one caught me) Feeling subdued, I board my bus, but it's really crowded and we have to squish three mostly-still-growing kids onto each seat. The students all talk a lot. Loudly. Even though the teachers stand up to yell at them, as soon as the teachers sit down again, the kiddos return to their jabbering.

I feel more hopeful when the museum actually comes into sight, but after we get off the buses, it turns out things need to be settled (like whether everyone needs the special tickets for the IMAX movie we're going to watch or if just the chaperones need them, for example). So we have to wait outside in the cold watching cars go by until we get let in. Since we're not the only school there, it's pretty crowded in the museum. I end up watching other people make virtual roller coasters until it's time for the IMAX movie. That was one of the better parts, except it made me a bit dizzy. The movie was called Adrenaline Rush and it was about how people like to take risks and such. Mostly we looked at people skydiving or jumping off cliffs. Pretty nice view, but my head hurt from it. And I couldn't look down, since I would just see the rows and rows of seats below me. When I'm in an IMAX theater, I feel like I'm going to fall down and tumble over the seats until I die.

Lunch was okay but I was really thirsty so I had to go to the bathroom to use the water fountains there. The men's and women's restrooms both have fountains, but the women's fountains don't work very well, since the water doesn't shoot as high as the men's. So I ended up drinking from the mens' water fountains since they work far better.

It turns out we ARE allowed to visit the museum gift shop after all. I was really upset because I thought we weren't going to go and ending up leaving my cash back at home. I just looked around until it was time for lunch to end. Ms. Crowe, who was supposedly our chaperone, put R in charge of us. I managed to keep not too far from him to try and not get lost for the first minute or two, but when I was looking at an experiment he went off somewhere. I tried to find the rest of my group but was only able to locate two girls in my group. I couldn't find Ms. Crowe either, so I just paced restlessly back and forth for a while before I found friends who were in other groups. I wandered around with one of my friends for a while and then struck out on my own.

Since I hadn't visited the Renaissance Gallery (a special exhibit, related to Leonardo da Vinci, I'm sure) and had nothing to do, I managed to spot one of my other friends. Unfortunately, she was not having fun either, because she lost her camera. She was fretting about it, so she, her friend, her Language Arts teacher, and I began searching for it. But we didn't find it, so I decided to leave her to go find my group. Luckily, they were waiting by the trash cans in the "lunch area", and at last we were all reunited.

I was glad that the day was over, up until I realized the bus was late while we were lingering on the outside of the museum. My feet started hurting from standing so I just ate sour Skittles from one of my friends and tried using magic to summon the bus. No such luck at first. A rather odd boy (who happens to be my mom's friend's son) was collecting name tags, so I gave him mine. Finally the bus came and we got to go back to school, but by then school had been out for quite a while. I was really upset at being late and I rushed to the classroom to pick up the backpack I had brought (even though it turns out I wasn't going to need it).

Not only was the teacher shocked that we had even brought our bags, but once I finally packed up everything and left the classroom in all haste, the school was even more deserted than before. (Still the odd folk here and there, and some cars in the parking lot, but that was it. No afterschool rush anymore.) I walked home without seeing my grandma the whole time. It's nice to be alone, but that was really strange. When I got home, she said she had panicked when I didn't come (even after she saw three buses come and go; I was on the last bus to come back) and quickly went back to my house to call my mom. I was frustrated because she started scolding me (she said "It was the school's fault, right?" but she sounded like she still blamed me) and called my mom to complain.

It's good that tomorrow is the only other school day this week. The rest of the week, I'll be gone to Las Vegas. I probably won't get to use the Internet during that time, so don't expect me to post for a while.

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