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I came up with a scientific experiment you can try at home with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash. Oftentimes it is hard to get out the substance you want to use if there is not much of it left in the container. So, since most containers are designed to have the lid thing facing the ceiling, you'll have to wait a while for the shampoo/conditioner/body wash to fall all the way down so you can squirt it out. Instead, swing it backward towards your shoulder, then with one powerful movement swing it back forward. The momentum and the kinetic energy together make the shampoo/conditioner/body wash quickly move to the other end of the bottle. This worked with a Softsoap Honey and Milk bodywash but it didn't work with the Vanilla Organic Conditioner since it is so thick and dry, nowhere near liquidy enough.

It's been such a long time since I've last posted...I've been busy with projects (A children's story in language arts, and I made the pages too big, so I have to draw huge pictures for it, and also a booklet in science about geologic history). But not only that, there's the evil TurboTax!

TurboTax is a program which my dad uses at least once or twice a year to take care of all the taxes our family has to pay. My dad takes out a lot of papers and stares at the computer screen until his face becomes angry. While doing TurboTax he's always grumpy, so he either won't respond when you talk to him, or he'll pick fights. Like if you hang around the computer he starts asking in an angry way, "Do you want to use the computer or not?!" And when I say no he just gets even madder. It's really scary and my mom doesn't like it either. I think he might need some anger management books.

My dad has started watching drama sometimes too. There is this one show in Mandarin which he will watch some evenings. The music is repetitive and there doesn't seem to be a lot of different songs. It is cheesy music but kind of catchy in a weird way. One time the music played while one of the characters on the TV was answering their phone (which had a rather generic ringtone). I thought it was bad timing to play the background music at a time like that.

On Friday, my history teacher was looking pretty upset. Mr. Blair had new glasses and his face was very angry and serious, so he looked scary. I heard someone stole a can of Coca Cola out of Mr. Blair's mini-fridge. I don't think that's the only reason, though. He wouldn't look that upset over just one can of soda, would he? Unless it was like a Gatorade bottle where you might've won something. and he won some kind of sweepstakes.

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