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Apparently my PE teacher thinks that our school campus is less than what's needed to exercise. He had us go over to Monta Vista to do jumpropes and run up and down the bleachers. I had trouble with this since the stairs were fairly steep so it's hard to run up them. And if you fell down at the top of the bleachers you would probably bounce painfully on each level of bleachers until you hit the bottom where there is a wire fence.

I tried to shoot down the mailman again today. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, every day at 5 pm, the mailman, Pete will fly in the sky. If you have a slingshot and you're quick about it, you might be able to hit him with a stone and he'll tumble down to the ground. (No, he won't die. He'll get up and start walking. When you talk to him he'll say he's in a rush and all.) You can also hit UFOs and the occasional present attached to a balloon. And by the ocean you might see this weird guy with a hat (Pascal) who is a philosopher. He'll give you some weird advice and then give you a present of some sort. There's all sorts of weird things going on in Animal Crossing. D: (I gotta say, it gets boring after a year or two, but still.)

My parents don't seem to spend that much time in the house on weekdays. They come home in the early evening (when the sun's still up) which is normal and all, but then today my parents left home again soon after they came back to go grocery shopping. I wonder why they don't just save it all for the weekend. Maybe it's because we barely buy anything each time, even at Costco.

Have you ever seen those boar-scaring things from Japan? It's like a bamboo tube which gradually fills with water. When the balance changes the boar-scarer flips with a thud and dumps the water (the boar-scarer is usually put in a pond so it won't be making a puddle on the wooden deck in your backyard or something). It repeats this over and over. Apparently it scares boars. But I've never even seen a wild boar, so to me, it's just a decoration.

My science teacher is no longer sick, so now he's back. In the middle of class, the door flew open (it wasn't locked) and some kids yelled, "Hi Mr. Brown!" They were all clutching recycling bins since it was time to bring in the recycling. Some were kids I knew (outgoing ones, of course, or they wouldn't interrupt class like that) and others I didn't recognize, they must've been eighth graders. Once they were all gone, he remarked, "Why is it that the people you least want to see always come back and say hi to you?"

Mr. Brown mentioned that a volcano had just erupted in Alaska the other day. He thanked the volcano for "erupting at a convenient time, since we're reviewing plate tectonics right now". It's kind of cool to see new volcanoes forming, since it's like seeing science in action, not just in textbooks.


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