By ◆ Juppie on Friday, March 13, 2009 @ 5:51 PM

Sometimes I change the background multiple times a day if I'm not pleased with it, and other times I last several weeks or even months until I feel the urge to change it. For some reason I just really like to change the background... But it's really hard to find one that fits my screen resolution, which, by the way, is pretty hard. (My resolution is 1440 x 900)

For some reason I am so thirsty today... Even if I drink water, my mouth and throat feel rather dry. Maybe I'm dehydrated because of the medicine ball mile we ran in class. It's an activity unique to Mr. Robinson's PE class. You have to run part of the lap around the track while holding either one heavy ball or two slightly lighter ones. Then for another part of the lap, you walk (or run, if you like) while holding the ball up above your head, using both hands. You're not supposed to let the ball touch your head, and you can't just hold it with only one hand (unless you have two balls). Then for the rest of the lap, you "side-shuffle". Since you have a partner, you either jumprope or hop up and down the stairs while they run a lap, then you run another lap. So it goes on for 8 laps, making a mile for each.

The ball looks like it is light, but it weighs more in reality. Since I have a lack of arm muscles, I can't really hold it up well, so then I sweated like crazy, kind of like bacon sizzling in the hot sun. Minus the meat part. Since people are very pushy, I didn't get to write down my time on the clipboard until the lunch bell was about to ring, because of it, and had to make a run for the lunch line to see if there was anything left. D: I kind of miss Blair and Nakamura with their lax standards.

Right now I'm reading a book called A String in the Harp by Nancy Bond. It's alright as books go, though it does seem to take an awfully long time (at least to me, because I'm not patient). I don't like to read very long books or watch long animes. Same thing with my mom, but instead regarding Asian dramas. I guess we both like to see different plots and characters rather than have to stick to one for a long time.

I've heard rumors that Pokemon Platinum is going to come out soon...Is that so? I am not sure of the exact date since I forgot about it for several months until I heard about it on the Internet. I have multiple Pokemon games, but I'm afraid if I buy more, I won't have time to play them. XD I mean, usually I'm addicted to a game at first, and then I become bored of it or I'm busy. So I'm afraid I'm not making the most of my video games, hehe.

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