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So, I was checking my grades this afternoon, because I was afraid that I wouldn't have a 4.0 GPA this trimester. (Not that it really matters, since GPA is kind of like STAR testing scores and only for parents' bragging rights, but I still like to have good scores if possible.) Anyhow, it turns out I did have all A's, and even a 100% in language arts. People said that I probably had a 100% in language arts, though I never expected such a thing to be true. Well, that's a great relief to me, at least. A lot of people like to put pressure on me. x_x

Right now I'm watching the anime Gakuen Alice. It seems rather childish, but still entertaining nonetheless. One of the characters started talking about Special Ability, which is shorted to SA...And that reminded me of an anime called Special A I heard about it, which is also a school-centered anime...Hmm. Wonder if there's any hidden connection or not.

Like how we were reading a short story called The Lady or the Tiger? in language arts class. It's about a king who is kind of barbaric and kind of civilized, and he has an arena kind of like the Gladiator arena. Anyhow, he uses it a little differently...People who are accused of crimes interesting enough to interest the king are put in the arena. There are two doors that look exactly the same. One has a tiger behind it, the other has a lady of about the same social rank and age of the criminal, and the lady is supposedly very pretty. If you open the lion door, you'll be eaten, but if you open the lady's door, you have to marry her (no matter what).

There was a special case. The king's daughter had a boyfriend who was good-looking and stuff, but he was a lower social class, so the king did not approve of the match. He had the man put into the arena. The king's daughter had bribed someone so she would know which door held the tiger, and which door had the lady. Her boyfriend was counting on her to let him know the door to open. The girl can't decide whether she'd have him die a quick and bloody death, or have him married to the lady behind the door. (This is hard because the king's daughter is jealous of the lady behind the door. She suspected her boyfriend of exchanging sly looks with that lady in the past.) In the end of the story, the ending is not told, so it's up to the reader to think whether it's the lady or the tiger...Thus the name of the story.

Mr. Blair has the beginnings of a beard right now. Apparently it's his tradition not to shave during the Yosemite trip so he looks "grizzled" when he comes back. I thought it was scary since I'm freaked out by facial hair in general. D: And of course, since he came back from Yosemite, he had to tell some funny but inappropriate stories.

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