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Actually, that's a folk song or something, but oh well. I decided to use this because I've always heard of life being filled with "hills and valleys". The valleys are the hard parts and hills are the good parts (though that doesn't make much sense since it's hard to walk uphill, but whatever). So, since I'd just gotten around one of the bumps in the road, I thought this blog title might be suitable.

This bump in particularly would be the piano recital. It comes every year, and all the students must perform once if they can make it (if you don't show up, you'll be wasting your money since you need to pay a recital fee, and you'll be wasting your time practicing the song the teacher picked for you for all those months). If you're high level enough, the teacher will want you to perform in both recitals (there are two of them because the teacher has so many students!). Unfortunately ever since last year I have to perform twice. I didn't do so well on the first recital this year and even ended the song on an obviously wrong note. I was very much embarrassed so I just put on a grim poker face of sorts. The second recital was better since I got to read my book in the meantime (the higher level your song is, the later you play) and reading always calms my nerves, though it is rude to the people playing before me.

I'm watching an anime called Kaze no Stigma. It was good at first but now it's getting weird and kind of scary. Especially since the main character went insane and started attacking people and his eyes turned red. (This always creeps me out, since albinos have red eyes and white skin) I thought he was way better when he had blue eyes. Since I'm almost done with the anime, I guess I'll just bear with it to the end.

My history teacher told us about a Renaissance book called The Decameron. It is about a group of young adults who escape to the mountains with food and such to avoid the deadly plague which was taking over Europe at the time. Every night they tell ten stories and they take turns being a "leader". (But one guy tells a story about whatever he wants, since he asked especially, and my teacher says he's got some pretty crazy stories) Anyhow, my teacher says he'll raise our grades by 1% if we read it, and he'll talk to us to see if we're really reading it or not. I wonder if it's available in my local library. Still, it seems like a mighty feat to read more than 1000 pages.

I was very pleased today with what we did in PE. My PE teacher, let's just say he's Robin, decided we would do three different state fitness testings in one day - Pushups, curlups (situps), and trunk raise (lie down on the ground facedown, hands and feet not leaving ground. Then try to lift your head up as high as you can without using your arms or lifting your legs). I was horrible at trunk raise, and managed to do all of the curlups. It was pushups that was the high point of the day (weird because I like curlups better). I got 31 pushups, which is not much really, but at least it was better than most people. So I'm glad of that at least.

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