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It's a relatively untested theory, but I have tried it once. I've had a sore throat lately, probably caught from school or some other place. When I was walking home, the mom of one of my friends motioned me over. Due to my bad hearing I didn't understand her at first, but soon I realized she was offering me some gum. I accepted, figuring it couldn't hurt, since school is over and I was outside the fence anyhow (apparently you'll get a "behavior report" and gum-scraping duty every time the teacher catches you). It was minty, and I'm not a big fan of mint, but the taste was refreshing, and it made my throat feel soothed temporarily, kind of like those Fruit Breezers cough drops.

PE in Robinson's has been pretty relaxing for the last two days, actually. I was pretty freaked out on Tuesday since Mr. Robinson was out for the day and the substitute put an X next to my name since I forgot my notebook at home. Then the next day Mr. Robinson looked at the list to check if everyone had their notebooks. I'm afraid he might take off points for this, which is pretty bad, since I'm not that good at PE (especially skills testing). If luck is with me, maybe it'll be okay, after all.

My parents have been planning our summer vacation lately. We're probably going to go to Australia, seeing as my dad used to live over there, and has a good friend whom we refer to as "Pluto" (he has his own minor company called Pluto International). Pluto will act as our tour guide since none of us have been to Australia for a long time (in my case, not at all). I hope he doesn't start patting me on the back. He hits pretty hard, even if he means it as a friendly gesture.

I witnessed a rather unsightly thing in science class. So, today, we were out in the nature center making "molds and casts" out of blue clay and some weird Plaster of Paris (the dust got in my eyes, bleck). You make the clay soft and crush it down so it is kind of flat but still very thick. Then press one of the plastic models (shells, birds, sharks, etc.) into the clay to make an imprint. Mix the plaster and water, and pour it into your "mold". Once it hardens, you should be able to peel back the plaster and have an imitation (I call it that since it might not turn out exact) of the original organism.

Now, during this time, my science teacher was shoveling plants out of the nature center pond, which is getting overgrown with them. As he bent over, a little something could be seen since his pants didn't cover them. (I think you can guess.) It was green with white patterns on it. I'm not sure what it is, probably clovers. Anyhow, I thought it was impolite to look, so I instead shifted my gaze to the paint cans on the ground.

In woodshop, we've been practicing an odd chant to learn all the tools that he sets out on the table. It seems like some people need a lot of help from Mr. M, but some are really fast and accurate, like a guy called Corey Bemis (I hear his nickname is Corelina Jolie, but I wouldn't know since I'm not in any other classes with him, he's in another village). I was pretty disturbed since I thought he wasn't...well...that bright.

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