By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 4:12 PM

I've noticed that Mr. Moustakas, the woodshop teacher, has a slightly rough-sounding voice. Also, he tends to cough sometimes during the class. I wonder if all those years of teaching woodshop wore away at his health. Apparently swallowing sawdust is not good for your health. (Or so I believe, because I heard miners die early from being down there inhaling coal.)

I remember one of my friends said that after she watched the Kaleido Star anime, circuses didn't seem so impressive to her anymore. I just thought of this since I'm watching an anime called Gakuen Alice and right now there is a circus going on. It made me remember how I'd watched a Ringling Brother Circus performance back when I was young. I can't remember anything except for acrobats and elephants now...And maybe clowns. But that was probably my mom's company family day, not a circus, hehe.

I recently had my cell phone number changed to a 408 number. It had been a 650 number for a long time because I got my phone through my mom's friend, who happens to work at Sprint (so he can get discounts, and even a free phone, depending). And they live in the 650 area. I remember that I first heard about the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii from my mom's friend's son. He didn't tell me, but I saw him casting votes on his Wii. So then later I connected my Wii to the Internet and downloaded the Everybody Votes Channel. (I heard you can actually surf the Internet on the Wii, but you need to pay hard cash to download that "channel". The Wii has various channels which contain different features, such as the Nintendo Channel, where you can watch promotional videos or trailers, and the Mii Channel, where you can make or edit people-characters called Miis)

I woke up sometime in the morning, probably pretty early, since it was still dark outside. I was too restless and my throat was too dry, so I couldn't get back to sleep. I wonder if I have strep throat or something. (Well, at least this is the first time I got sick all winter)

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