By ◆ Juppie on Thursday, November 20, 2008 @ 4:24 PM

My eyes keep drooping. I don't feel exhausted, just mildly drowsy. I guess I still need more sleep. I tend to wake up at odd times and get up, then go back to bed. I have heard that having a broken sleep pattern can take its toll on your health.

In language arts, we've been using laptops at school to research for our essays. These essays are about our "personal values", the traits that we admire. Take for example courage, friendship, tolerance, and so on. There's two ways you can write the essay: 1) Pick a few values you want to write about, and describe notable people who have those values... 2) Choose a person who shows multiple values you admire. Anyhoo, this essay makes me feel nervous, but I suppose I shouldn't stress over it. It's not going to kill me, right? (Not like crossing the street in Shanghai, China could kill you, what with some people running the red lights.)

A little voice in the back of my head is reminding me to do my math homework. I'm really unhappy with math so far this trimester. I completely blew the quiz because I got 13/15. It doesn't sound so bad since I only lost 2 points, but I lost those points for a pretty lame reason. Say if you came up with x-2y, you're supposed to write 3x(x-2y) because you divided by 3x before. But I didn't remember to put that and I lost those points. (The one comfort I have is that I have no problem with the actual problems then.)

I haven't been doing much Wii Fit lately even though I've eaten a lot recently. I hope that doesn't mean I'm getting less fit. I hear you get health problems (like higher risk of stroke) and you sweat more if you have too much weight on you.

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