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All day was easier, in a way, I guess. Cooking class is really boring right now because we don't get to cook until next week, probably. My parents read the sheet the teacher sent home, but they didn't sign it...So I have to try and get them to sign it soon. I don't want to be the last one to turn it in.
Math was just a quiz and doing the lesson for today. At home later, I had trouble with a few of the problems (it was impossible to get help for them because some were even numbered problems). I finished, but I still am unsure whether I did them correctly.
PE, I was a little less tired than yesterday and at least I managed to jog all of the running we did, even though the "dynamic stretching" is still wearing me out. We were doing soccer today. Oddly enough, even at this time of day, it's still hot outside. (Up until recently, it was pretty cold weather, but now it's suddenly a bit warmer) I am not very good at some of the soccer techniques. I hope Mr. Blair will go easy on me. He seems pretty relaxed so far besides making us run a ton.
In history, I raised my hands a few times in a feeble attempt to earn participation points, but he didn't pick on me any of those times, much to my disappointment. I only raise my hand because I have to. If my grade wasn't at stake, I probably wouldn't. :p
Lunch was pretty small today but at least I got some salad. Lately it was only corn and mashed potatoes I wanted to eat, since the bread nowadays is different. There's no mashed potatoes now, but I did manage to get a hot dog, although it isn't very big.
Language arts is still one of my favorite classes, and I like going to it. But we're going to be writing an essay on values we appreciate pretty soon. I'm a bit nervous because I haven't done any big projects for Mrs. Jackson so far this year.
Then science was laid-back, the way it often is with Mr. Brown. We had an Animal of the Week, the raccoon. Mr. Brown told a story about it.

"Often on the 8th Grade Yosemite trips, kids start craving junk food because they rarely eat it at Yosemite, so the only way to get it is at a snack place. Unfortunately, it closes early and usually the students don't arrive back from their Yosemite activities in time for it. One time at Yosemite, a kid arrived back early, and bought a big bag of Cheetos at the snack place. Once the others came back, he started taunting them because he knew they would be hungry (the cafeteria wasn't open yet). While he was waving the Cheetos in front of some boys, a raccoon darted out from under a building and snatched his Cheetos. The angry owner of the bag did tug-of-war with it for a while, before the raccoon decided to tear the bag open. The bottom half of the bag fell down and the Cheetos fell onto the snow. All of a sudden, four other raccoons appeared, and they all devoured the Cheetos. The kid's face fell upon seeing it, while other kids laughed at him. Mr. Brown calls it "poetic justice"- when you do something bad and nature takes revenge on you for it.

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