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Next Monday is our field trip to the Tech Museum of Innovation (in San Jose, CA). I've been there various times before, once on a field trip in fourth grade. I wonder if they changed the exhibits or if it's exactly the same. Apparently we're going there due to a special exhibit about Leonardo da Vinci. (Not only is he an artist but he has some scientific achievements too. Lucky duck.)

Ugh, I am so lazy. I was planning to get a Cbox up but I keep forgetting about it. Hopefully I will have a Cbox soon so you can leave comments about the blog. (It seems my new layout does not allow you to leave comments, even though I really like it. Hmm.)

I think I've been writing a bit too much lately. I'm afraid it would take a long time for you to read everything...So I apologize if my posts are filled with too much unimportant rubbish nowadays.

Turns out I am going to have two of my teachers "missing" on Thursday and Friday. Mr. Brown needs to go to a science convention and Mrs. Jackson will be the temporary principal. (Mr. Ottey and Ms. Jezyk, the principal and vice p., have something they need to do. Mrs. Jackson has a Master's degree and is qualified to be a principal, so she has to leave the classroom to act as the principal.) We have Mrs. Bowersock, who is the retired art teacher, in Language Arts class. I have no idea who our sub in Science is.

One of my friends has the same PE teacher, Mr. Blair, but she has it 4th period rather than 3rd like me. Fortunately, she has cooking 3rd period, so I can tell her what we're doing in class. She gave me some chocolate Pocky. Mmm-mm-good.

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