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Since we've been studying the Aztecs in class, I've had to listen to a lot about sacrifices, and sometimes had to look at some unpleasant pictures. I was told that the priests would take the skin of sacrificial victims and wear it on top of their own skin, or even eat it! That sounds pretty nasty. But I heard the Donner party (a group of people traveling west over the US to try and get to California) got stuck in a pass during the middle of winter. They got so desperate for food that they ate each other. So that's today's inspiration for the blog title. I am quite disturbed by cannibalism myself, even if I used to bite people back in the day. (If you want to scare people off, tell them that you bite)

Right now my dad has the TV turned on to BBc World News. A protester threw an egg at a man (probably some politician or other famous person) and the man got really mad and tried to punch the protester. It turned into a fight and other people had to drag them apart. I've heard of people throwing eggs at houses on Halloween as a mean prank, but I've never seen it being thrown at people. o_O

I've been attempting to go to bed earlier these days. There is no major improvement, but at least this morning my headache wasn't as bad as usual, so maybe it's a good thing. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep in on Saturday. Unfortunately I suffer from insomnia which I've inherited from my dad's side of the family and always wake up around the same time each morning unless I'm really exhausted. My mom, on the other hand, can fall asleep more easily than I can. She says the back of her hair is a bit flat because she slept a lot when she was a baby. (Her parents were busy and couldn't take care of her all the time. She just slept away the hours and didn't cry much. That might be dangerous, though...What if she was hungry or sick and cried too quietly for anyone to hear?)

Lately the school's macaroni and cheese makes me feel bad. Whenever I eat it I feel a little sickened. I wonder what it's made out of. I wish they would buy ravioli instead since that is tastier than mac and cheese (at least, the ravioli tastes less sick). Or even the Pizza or Taco pockets and calzones. I like almost anything with bread in it. Noodles and granola bars (without peanuts) are tasty too since they're similar to bread.

As I continue to watch BBC World News, I get pretty freaked out. Some passengers were disembarking a cruise ship in Europe and due to high wind speeds, the ramp/staircase thing collapsed and fell into the ocean. Four people were dunked into the ocean. One suffers from a head injury and the others are being treated for hypothermia. (You know, that's the sickness you get when you're in really cold water) I've never thought of cruise ships like that before. >_<

By the way, sorry it's late, but here is the cooking schedule of the previous week.
Monday - Prepare Cherry Cheesecake
Tuesday - STAR Writing Test & Eat Cheesecake
Wednesday - Utensil Test (Kitchen tools are strewn about the classroom. Identify each one using a word bank)
Thursday - Marinara Sauce and Garlic Bread
Friday - Finish Cooking Spaghetti and Garlic Bread & Time to Chow!

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