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Actually, that's a poem. Written by some person (I think it was a guy), but I don't remember who. I simply lacked naming ideas for the blog today. D:

I almost lost my socks. Much to my disappointment, we still had to go through the motions of PE in the rain. The wind was strong so that you could see the students' PE uniforms flapping. (That sounds rather odd. I was trying to make a simile or metaphor out of it but couldn't find a good comparison.) It made the rain come down at a funny angle. It was even more diagonal than it usually was. And since it was raining, puddles formed on the ground. My PE number (a white, bland number painted on the blacktop), Blair's 15, was submerged as usual. Probably due to that area of land being on a lower elevation than the rest.

One of my classmates, who I shall just call AV for privacy, was bursting with questions in Mr. Brown's science class. He always asks questions or makes comments, particularly in the 2 B's (Blair & Brown). For instance, Mr. Brown wanted us to guess the reason for wolverines having plantigrade posture. (We have plantigrade posture, too. Meaning we walk flat on our feet, unlike dogs and cats, who only walk on the balls of their feet. You know, that sticking-out hard on the bottoms of your feet, below your toes.) AV almost but not quite had the answer - which, by the way, is...flat feet are good for walking in the snow - but he couldn't get it out. "I-i-it's f-for...walking on snow and ice, and...uh...steep elevation stuff!" I think he was unable to speak properly due to his excitement, or eagerness, or something. No offense intended to you, AV, if you ever read this.

After school, my walking-home-companion's mother came to pick me up. This was a relief since the rain had just started again at the end of school. Besides me, the mother, and my companion, there was also the brother and his friend. No one spoke besides the mother and the brother's friend. The mother was very curious about what the friend was planning to do in Monta Vista (he's an eighth grader, even though I thought he looked kind of shrimpy. But maybe it's because he got injured when his cousin tackled him) and the boy is taking band (not much of a surprise to me, I expected that) and Japanese. I was surprised by the latter since my mom had led me to believe there would be no Japanese in high school. Hmm. I may consider learning it, if it's not too difficult. (However, my peers say Spanish is the most useful language, so I'm in a tizzy. I don't want to take Mandarin since colleges may think I was cheating by taking a language that my ethnicity is supposed to already know. My mom thinks I ought to take French, so I can speak to my aunt, but I'm not too keen on it.)

Speaking of languages (now that occurs to me as a very bad pun, if you catch my drift), I eavesdropped on my mom and my aunt talking, via Skype, the free online Webcam Messenger thing-a-ma-bob (of Science! as Bill Nye wouuld say). Apparently my cousin, who I shall call Sun (that's my mom and aunt's maiden name, and also kind of my cousin's nickname - Yang Yang), is already learning English in school. It's true that English is a much more "useful" language than French, particularly for business, but still. I was outraged as he is still in elementary school, and yet he gets taught another language, and will be trilingual, therefore beating me (I don't know enough Mandarin/Shanghainese/Japanese to really count it). I hope my intelligence at least rivals his.

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