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This morning, I was curious, so I compared a "kids" book (Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep) and an "adult" book (A Kitzi Camden Mystery: Bead on Trouble). Emily Windsnap had fairly large text, and there was a little bit of space between the lines, much unlike Bead, which had small text squished together. It was readable, to be sure, but my dad seemed to have a little more trouble reading it than the "kids" book. (I guess that's why needs reading glasses now.)

I've been oddly unoccupied lately, just wandering around the house wasting time, or going on the Internet. It's ironic, as I was so busy a few weeks ago what with juggling homework and projects. My parents also seem to have free time. My dad was watching a Chinese movie about warlords and such last night, so he must have time. My mom is working in the kitchen, but her laptop, as usual, is set down next to her so she can watch dramas. I myself had just been watching anime, but I grew bored and decided to go write in my blog.

Our newish converter box is odd, since it takes radio signals as well. So you can actually listen to the radio using the TV. But it's really weird since you can only see a pitch black screen, and the blue bar below it which tells you the channel, time, and so on.

Does anyone know how to fix a ruined DS screen? My old DS (it's not a DS Lite) has had an odd screen for a long time. A certain part near the middle of the bottom screen, well, it doesn't seem sensitive to the touch of the stylus (a stick/pen used to poke the screen). It's probably from overbrushing dogs in Nintendogs (a game where you take care of puppies - take them on walks, put them in contests, etc.). I only wonder if there is some way to fix it, or if I have to continue using my other DS, a black DS Lite. What if that one gets ruined eventually? Then I'll have 3 DS...And my mom would force me to give one to my cousin in France.

...Ah! It's Divine Design! It's one of my favorite interior design shows. The host is Candice Olson, and for me it's on channel 75. That's Home & Garden TV. Maybe it's odd that I like this channel so much, but oh well. XD Last night, I was watching Designed to Sell, in which people who are going to sell their houses redo the house so that it'll fetch a higher price from buyers. '

And then I watched House Hunters International. The featured person(s) will go with a realtor to look at three houses, and then pick which one they want. This time it was in Australia, only 35 minutes drive away from the awesome city of Sydney. It's beautiful if you have a view of a river, lake, or ocean. But it's pretty expensive. Though of course, where I live, houses can sometimes go well over a million, it's still not cheap (Sydney and such suburbs are among the 20 most expensive places to live) as a big house would cost the approximation of 800,000+ US dollars. I'd like to see Australia someday, though.

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