By ◆ Juppie on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 @ 4:35 PM

Yesterday morning, I managed to drag my mother away from her laptop. It's actually not hers, but it's one that my dad got from his office, intended for work, except my mom uses it to watch Asian movies. Normally she gets glued to the screen, so that she doesn't pay much attention to me (which can be good or bad, depending) but I managed to force her into trying some Wii Fit. She doesn't get enough exercise despite insisting that she takes walks with her engineer friends after lunch.

We started off with a bit of jogging. I ran as fast as I could (or more just shuffled my feet very quickly) which made my mom accuse me of cheating. I just shrugged it off and finished in record time. For a few minutes I watched my mom. She jogs really, really slow so it took a while. Then we tried some strength training, since both my mom and I need some toning on our triceps (upper arm). She wants to use the 2 lb weights instead of the 3 lb weights but the 2 lb's are somewhere else. Probably lost, like the majority of my possessions. Then we did some yoga. Kind of like my dad, she can't do the Spinal Twist. Whenever I mention this to my parents they insist it's because of my much younger age.

I spent this morning and afternoon at my mom's office. I was planning to make my blog post there but I got distracted by playing my DS (The game? Harvest Moon DS). I am trying to rescue 60 sprites (little elfish dudes who were sent to another world by magic) so that my game can go on but it's slow work, especially since it's winter. (Funny, since it's winter over here, too.) I can't grow any vegetables or fruits in this lame weather.

Road signs nowadays look very pitiful. One of them was a green rectangular kind sticking over the highway. But the sign was twisted sideways so that it was leaning against tree branches, and a large amount of the hard green part was missing, so that it seemed like someone had mangled it. And then there was this blue sign (kind of like a triangle shape, but not quite) and it said Highway 280 on it. The sign was upside down, though, so it looked like 08Z (a warped z, because it was a 2).

I recently heard from my mom that my grandparents have been reading my blog. I thought this was hard to believe since they don't know that much English, but my mother reminded me that they have a Chinese-English dictionary, and retired people have too much free time (most of them, anyhow). Then my grandparents send me emails, but they're written in Chinese so I just stick them in a folder and forget about them. (Sorry, Gran & Gramps. But I can't read Chinese.)

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