By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, February 15, 2009 @ 3:12 PM

It's been pouring buckets lately, and I was braindead about what to name my blog post, so there it is.

This morning, my piano class was at 11:15 (weird, because nowadays it's usually 11:30). As always my mother and the piano teacher started off with their strange middle-aged/old lady talk. They talked about how a lot of piano students have been skiing, and how one of the kids was very sick with a cold, yet he was still going to go skiing. Wow. The two older folks, however, kept saying how they don't like camping and things like that (my mom says "So many bugs and dirty ground!") but all the same, a lot of people like to go back in time (y'know? Because sleeping in the "outdoors" and cooking stuff over a fire is basically going how life was a long time ago).

Everyday when I walk home I continue to keep an eye out for the black cat. He, or she (I can't tell the gender of it) doesn't come out if it rained that day, it seems. I guess felines aren't too fond of the wet weather. Most cats, after all, are freaked out by that sensation. Maybe their fur isn't completely waterproof, or they just aren't used to it, or something.

I'm impatiently waiting for more magazines to arrive in the mail. I constantly read the magazines Reader's Digest, National Geographic, and Nintendo Power. I got a new Nintendo Power issue yesterday, but I've read almost all the interesting stuff already (I didn't want to read about an Indiana Jones game) and I haven't seen a new RD lately. I don't know if any new NGs came, either, because they tend to get scattered around the house.

Last night I was reminiscing about not going swimming for several months. I kind of miss it. The last time I went was in late November, swimming in the Venetian hotel pool (that's in Las Vegas). Ever since I stopped my swim lessons, as I don't have much free time for them, I haven't had much chance to go swimming. Oh well...As long as I don't completely forget how to swim, I suppose it'll be okay.

Oh yeah, we bought some Milanos today. It's a kind of cookie of sorts, from the Pepperidge Farm company, whatever that is. There are many flavors - regular, milk chocolate, mint, dark chocolate, double chocolate, black&white, raspberry, and orange. I bought one raspberry and one double chocolate (they're tasty and have less calories). My mom actually likes the raspberry, so that's cool.

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