By ◆ Juppie on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 @ 4:49 PM

(Thanks to "Marine" for the heads-up about it.)

Doesn't that title sound cheesy? Like some kind of show or musical group? But no, it's not any of those. It's two girls who go to the school, both named Jessica, who stick together like glue (not for real; they're not Siamese twins or anything).

I thought of this because I was walking home, and was a little behind schedule. I saw one of the Jessicas (this one being the taller one who wears her hair in a ponytail. The other one is shorter than her and has glasses). I was surprised since I didn't see the other Jessica with her. I guess they don't live near each other, or maybe the other Jessica rides a car home. Still, it's odd, after seeing them sit together in their classes and walk around the school together, whenever they can.

Well, I got home, anyhow. I did something a little risky today. I have to press a button to cross the street once during the walk home. This time, my walking companion was a little late to press the button, and the green light came on without giving us the walking signal, so my companion didn't walk. However, I thought it was okay and just plowed on ahead. I almost didn't make it because the light changed to yellow and then red before I got to the curb on the other side...But I'm still alive. I won't do it again, I hope. I was a bit freaked out because I didn't get enough time to walk.

I was meant to be doing my math homework, but I was on the Web to find some explanations to assist me with it. Then I got distracted by chatting to my parents and I decided I might as well write today's blog entry while I'm at it.

My father is such a glutton. He is always eating stuff when it's not meant for him to eat. Like when I used to keep a bunch of Popsicles in the fridge, he would chow on them and there wouldn't be much left for me. Or chocolates - he'd eat those too. And even raisins. My mom bought them because they contain some iron but my dad already third of the container! Wow!

Anyhow, here's the cooking schedule for this week.
Tuesday - Burritos (Mine fell apart. I put too much stuff in it.)
Wednesday - Table Setting (What's that? Maybe the teacher's out again)
Thursday - Prepare Streusel Coffee Cake
Friday - Bake Cake (Sounds tasty, except I don't like coffee flavor...)

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