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It's certainly something I am not capable of. Have you ever heard of Michael Jackson's "Moonwalk"? It's really cool. He seems to be sliding backwards while making walking motions with his feet. My dad says that you can probably do it with lots and lots of practice, but I've been attempting it and it looks awkward. I end up getting my socks dirty. XD I guess I am not cut out to be a moonwalker.

Currently I am working on a new avatar for Crunchyroll. I think it will turn out very shiny, so look forward to seeing it (or you can dread it, it's your choice). I'll probably upload it to my Photobucket and Deviantart and also Crunchyroll so once I'm done it'll be there. I guess I could post it on my blog but then it would make you have to do even more scrolling to read the posts. So I figure it's best that way. (There are links to the places at the right side of my blog for your convenience)

Right now the anime I am watching is La Corda d'Oro Primo Passo. If you know classical music then this anime may catch your interest. For instance, songs such as Fantasie-Impromptu and Ave Maria can be heard in the anime. The anime is okay but later on it gets annoying especially since the main character, Kahoko Hino, gets depressed and panicky and things like that since she doesn't want to expose the fact that her violin is magical (therefore, even being a complete beginner at playing the instrument, she is good at it). Anyways, I'm probably confusing you if you haven't seen the anime (or read the manga?) so you should investigate if you want to watch it.

My family entertained guests for two days in a row. On Friday, July 3, my dad's friend's family (they come over quite often since they don't live in Canada like they used to) and also an acquaintance of my dad's came over. They ate dinner and talked a lot while my dad's friend's son went off by himself, either watching the Star Wars movie on television or just doing who-knows-what. My dad's acquaintance (I call him that since I'm not sure how well he knows my dad and anyhow he is quite a bit younger) is addicted to the piano and keyboard. At first he just tried to play the keyboard but someone must've opened up the piano for him to use. He was attempting to play my songs. He told my mom that he used to learn piano but he stopped after elementary school and now I have overpassed him in level. He said he regretted not learning for a longer time. I guess a lot of people resent having piano lessons, and I did sometimes - when I was younger I'd rip my music or hit the piano if I was frustrated - but it's something you don't miss until it's gone. You know what I mean?

The other time was on Saturday, July 4, when my family went to a buffet for lunch with their friends. It's called Villa 08 and I think it's in Mountain View. It's kind of a freaky place. The ceiling is high and is painted a rather odd color (it's blue, I think, which is rare to see). It's the food that really disturbs me. There are things like shark fin soup and frog legs! My dad got some shark fin soup. He showed me what the shark's fin looks like in the soup. It's like transparent goop. I just drank some ox tail soup since I'd been told that was tasty.

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