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I may not have much knowledge of this matter, but I've always thought make-up was meant to be used on faces. Not drawings on paper. But I have a classmate in my Japanese class who uses lipstick, nail polish, and other things to color in strange drawings of female faces. She said that she uses make-up instead of color pencils for Fashion Design class. Two of the people sitting with me keep pulling their desks away whenever she takes out the make-up since they say it smells too strong.

It's kind of funny, but depending on what kind of twins you are, sometimes siblings are more alike than twins are. If you're identical twins then there's no match for you but if you're fraternal twins of the same gender, then it's possible for two regular siblings to have more resemblance than you. I know two guys who look very alike. Not completely alike, but still with enough similarities for people to mistake them for twins. But they are actually just brothers.

I have discovered a song that I find endlessly funny. The name of it is Ippon Demo Ninjin. It's a song about counting from 1-10 in Japanese using various objects like carrots, sandals, yachts, grains of sesame salt, rockets, turkeys, bees, whales, glasses of juice, and strawberries. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate the song, which was a great disappointment to me. I wish I could show you all, but only my Japanese teacher seems to have a video of it.

Geometry really is hard like I had expected. There are some things I know - like how two angles would add up to 180 degrees so you just need to play around with numbers already provided - but there were problems about clocks which stumped me. I hadn't remembered that when the minute hand moves, the hour hand must move too. I really need some practice otherwise I'll be like my 7th grade math teacher, who had to retake it because she wasn't good at Geometry. Then I'll have lost the head start I got by going to Pre-Algebra in 6th grade. (And possibly, the chance to go one of the colleges I've been thinking of!)

I wonder if I have become too used to drinking bottled water. My mom says that since it's the summer, I should just pour some water from one of the really big Crystal Geyser water containers since that would save plastic and in turn the environment. However, out of habit, I end up grabbing a water bottle whenever I feel thirsty. And only later do I remember that I should have filled a cup with water. Probably I will be unlucky and I won't learn to do that until the end of the summer. It's kind of like how I want to sleep in on Mondays but wake up early on weekends, and how when I go to China I only become used to the time zone at the end of the trip. I have some belief in karma and I bet I did something in my past life that wasn't too bad, but bad enough to earn me faults.

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