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I've seen so many animal deaths by roadkill lately. Just today I saw something strange on the road. It looked like squirrel guts...Scary. So that makes three squirrels and one deer run over on the road recently. Do you know what my mom had to say about seeing a dead deer? First she said, "Why aren't people more careful? Probably the deer was killed at night when people have to rely on the headlights, but there's even a yellow sign that shows a picture of a deer crossing." Then she added, "It's worse to kill a deer than a squirrel. It could damage the car." This really surprised me, because I thought she was going to say something like how there are more squirrels than deer in the area anyways, but she talked about cars getting damaged. Never mind the car! Cars aren't even alive! Think about the animal that died. That animal was someone's sister or brother, someone's mother or father, someone's child. And now that life is gone. That's why in the anime/manga XXXHolic, Yuuko says there is no way you can ever pay for taking a life. It is a very heavy burden. (Pssh, though, some people hunt ducks for fun. Seriously.)

I have realized recently that I don't know much about celebrities, because my dad was watching a movie called Wanted. He watches tons of movies, I probably couldn't name them all. He's watched some James Bond movies, and Ocean 11/12/13 movies, and mostly foreign movies particularly from France. Wanted is a movie that features Angelina Jolie and some other dude who I don't know about.

Me: Hey, isn't that Lara Croft?
Dad: No, it's not. This movie is called Wanted.
Me: Oh. I thought it was Lara Croft.
Dad: It's Angelina Jolie. She plays Lara Croft.
Me: *has a D: face* I didn't know that.

Speaking of celebrities, there's been two deaths recently. The less noted one was Farrah Fawcett, who is an actress. Her kind of hairstyle is named after her. I heard that she'd been fighting cancer for years and finally succumbed. So people who were close to her had realized it was only a matter of time...Sad to die from such a sickness, caused by your own body, no less! And the other death is much more well-known: MICHAEL JACKSON.

He was 50 years old when he died. He's a male African American singer who had multiple brothers and a sister, but he's the most famous of them. (He's had plastic surgery, so that's why some say he looks...well...odd.) But you know, even my dad had listened to his music a long time ago, back when he was young and lived in China. He would listen to a radio station called The Voice of America and that's how he heard Michael Jackson's music. I guess it's true when my painting teacher said Michael's music had reached farther than just the USA. It had touched the world. (I know, that sounds cheesy) Apparently, Michael died of cardiac arrest. My father says that he was not healthy, but it's possible there was some foul play (meaning someone caused or contributed to Michael's death. Suspicious! So police are trying to talk to Michael's personal doctor, the only one present when Michael had collapsed). Anyhow, rest in peace for both of them. What an unlucky day yesterday was.

I don't want to be depressing you all too much. Instead, I'd like to share with you a really awesome game! It's called "Who Wants to Live a Million Years" and it's fairly simple. You pick three animals to start with and you hope they live as long as possible in a changing environment. (You can use life preservers if you think you're doomed) Here's the link to it. Who Wants to Live a Million Years?

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