By ◆ Juppie on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 @ 10:21 AM

I know, libraries aren't like radios or something like that. But I was kind of suspicious. This year I joined the Summer Reading Celebration for two libraries, the Santa Clara County Library and the San Jose Library. I just wanted prizes and a chance to suggest books to people (because apparently you have to write a review if you signed up for the teen one). I don't remember whether I did it last year; maybe not, since I don't remember doing it. So I was surprised to see that it's online nowadays and not on a weird map in which you color in pawprints or something like that. I wonder if I should've put 8th grade or 7th grade. Not like it really matters, but I'm confusing since in the summer you are kind of in-between. Also, Mr. Robinson says when you start the school year you are still the previous grade, like if you start 8th grade he says, "You're still a 7th grader for a few weeks, until you kind of grow into it." Oh, and Mr. Robinson doesn't like 8th graders since he thinks they are more cocky, because they rule the school pretty much. (Not that all 8th graders are all like that. But I suppose the ones he knows are.)

Oops, I shouldn't stray too far off topic. What I realized was that both libraries I signed up for had pretty much the same system. The login information you need to give was very similar and the review system is, too. You write a review, rate the boo, and put the book title and author's name. Then you can read other reviews by other people and say Yes or No depending on whether you thought their review was helpful. It's just that at one of the libraries you can add a book to your reading list or something...So I suppose the libraries use pretty much the same system. I wonder if they knew that or if they copied each other by accident. (I mean, sometimes I see the exact same books with the exact same reviews written on both, so I guess I'm not the only one who participates in both summer reading celebrations. Except I write slightly different reviews for each library.)

Anyways. Summer is pretty slow for me so far. All I've really been doing is going on the computer to make graphics and post in forums, or I've been playing Wii Fit or practicing piano, or trying to remember things I have forgotten (like buying someone a birthday present! I was going to get her a book she wanted! I just reminded myself to go look up the price and where to get it). I haven't been sleeping much this summer. I just feel kind of restless and tired. But at least I have been able to find old stuffed animals I thought I lost. Like this red and black snake stuffed animal. He's too fake-looking to be freaky. (Too bad, then I could've startled my dad. I don't think he likes reptiles particularly much.)

Just a reminder to everyone! Father's Day is this weekend. Have you gotten presents for your father? A card at least? If you think your dad deserves a little something, you'd better get moving. Time is ticking. And TIME IS MONEY! (I'm only partially kidding.)

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