By ◆ Juppie on Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 6:54 PM

Today I was sorting laundry, as is one of my very few chores (I mean, doing too much work would cause my creative juices to stop flowing! I assure it is very, very bad if that happens). I saw two socks of mine. I thought they must be matches since they are both plain white with a heart on the part of the sock which will be on the "backside" of your foot. It turned out they were not a match after all. When I inspected the socks more closely I realized the two hearts were different colors! So I had taken two unmatching socks out of my drawer one morning and not realized it! (I always try to keep the matching socks close together in the place in which I keep my socks, but sometimes they drift apart from me fumbling through my socks so often) Luckily I have managed to allocate the real matches for each sock. (But there are sometimes unsolved cases. I just leave the single socks on top of the dresser. ...Wow, I sound like a detective or some other investigator)

My GIMP program has been suffering a lot these days. Maybe it's because I've installed too many brushes. (Hey! I had no idea how many there were until I took a look!) It takes a long time to load (at first it just looks like a window with nothing inside it, just that top bar which says GIMP startup, but then it recovers) but it's okay after it gets loaded, unless I try to refresh my brushes or it just gets stuck on an action. Today I got a pop-up from GIMP which said that the program had to terminate in an unusual way. That's freaky. Perhaps it is true that GIMP has a grudge against me just as my fellow PE students do (check the post ◆ do my school's teachers know my dad? in the archives of the month of May).

When I asked my dad, he said that GIMP is using a huge amount of memory! More physical memory than our computer has! But because we have a hard drive apparently GIMP can "leech" memory off of it. So if I turn on my hard drive then GIMP is more easily able to start. I thought that was really amazing. It was like a symbiotic relationship in nature, except these aren't living things.

Do you all know what today is? It's a very special day! Yes, it's the day celebrating all of our fathers. I know my dad is kind of kooky because he's addicted to PGA Tour (by the way, he's very pleased because he picked a guy called Lucas Glover who is doing very well this week) and he tends to be rather emotional but it's certainly better than having no dad. So you should all at least wish your fathers a Happy Father's Day (or if you aren't with them, just a phone call or e-card would do). I know it made my father break out into a smile. (This is the first year I ever gave him anything. XD Actually, the first year anyone ever gave him anything, maybe.)

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