By ◆ Juppie on Saturday, June 27, 2009 @ 2:58 PM

When people say that, they usually mean that there are a variety of ideas and cultures and races in the United States of America. But in this case I am taking the phrase more literally. Right now, it is extremely hot outside. Sitting in the car makes you feel as if you're a cookie baking in an oven. It's a relief that we've gotten our Saturday schedule over with. (A typical Saturday for me is waking up, being lazy for a while, then we go to two libraries, maybe go shopping or eat at a restaurant) Now I'm just at home sitting in a rolling chair, with the ceiling fan on. (Because apparently the air conditioning uses more energy...So it's better to use the fan if you're just in one room)

Recently while I was at the San Jose Library - Calabazas Branch, I discovered another section of books that I never before tried to exploit. It's called the Young Adult section and it has some mangas, along with a bunch of novels. This section seems pretty popular even with children, mostly because of the manga, though there are some people perusing the books that aren't just mostly made up of pictures. I never cease to be astounded by how many books are about some cheesy high school romance or something like that. The adult section is not much better - mostly murder mysteries, or books about people falling in love in an unlikely way. Blah, blah, blah.

So far I have not gotten very far on the story/book I am writing (I am not sure how long it will be when I am finished). It's possible I could change the names or add more characters or remove characters or change the plot. Mostly I am wondering what in the world I should name the book. (A hint is that this is not a fantasy or sci-fi book, it is more like a modern day sort of "real life" fiction. The main character is currently supposed to be around 13 or 14 but I could change it) If you have a good suggestion, I'd really like to hear it, since I don't want to call it something really lame. My previous writings have rather odd titles, like The Factor of the Opera, Diary of a Dolphin, and The Timeline of the Ancient Immovables. (I may have incorrectly recalled the last name)

My mom seems to have a strange way of dealing with problems. Since she is a rather assertive and self-assured person, she sees nothing wrong with complaining about something she finds inconvenient or pulling on someone's hair. I am seriously considering cutting my hair so she has less of it to pull on. Since I usually have my hair in a ponytail, if she's mad, she'll yank on it, which I don't think is very nice. Other times she does what you'd call "boxing ears". I am concerned that this violent approach may get out of hand and she'll land herself in trouble with the authorities. (I notice that she rarely hits me or her husband in public)

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